Tuesday, 14 May 2019

"Welsh" Labour Euro campaign takes to Scottish Highlands.

If you were running an printing company then the  announcement that  there  was to be a euro election campaign , could be a lifesaver as you could get an order for a million leaflets or so.
Perhaps not so much for a Welsh Printing company though.
The Brexit Party electoral address that has been delivered in Wales which was printed entirely in English  was printed in Hampshire.
However you would expect something a bit better from "Welsh" Labour, but maybe not.
Given Jeremy Corbyn Lexit support just what Labour's position is on Breit is unclear. In Out Shake It All About?
But when one looks at the recent public pronouncements of Labour’s four European Parliament election candidates, a commitment to the party’s manifesto commitment on Brexit is plainly absent. Not that there is what we normally  call  a manifesto .
With all four candidates appearing to support a Peoples Vote
Asked whether the Leave result of the 2016 referendum should be implemented, lead candidate Jackie Jones said: 
“We should have had a long, truthful national conversation first about what leaving would involve. The vote was close. We are now in deadlock. As a former professor of law, I strongly believe in the rule of law and we now know that electoral law was broken in the referendum campaign and a criminal investigation is under way. We need to vote again.”
Asked whether she was in favour of holding another referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, Ms Jones said: 
Yes. We need to take a step back and ask ourselves: what is best for Wales, our families, our future? The PM’s deal has failed to secure support from those who voted Leave and Remain. The best deal is the one we already have and that should be an option on any ballot.”
 it appears that "Welsh" Labour can not be trusted to run its own campaign 
Which may explain why, Labour campaign leaflets written in Welsh sent to the Scottish Highlands!

The Daily Record informs us that
Voters in the region were bemused to receive bilingual Labour campaign literature that should have been sent to the Welsh Valleys.Labour said it was investigating the mistake, which resulted in Scottish recipients being implored in English to “Vote Welsh Labour on Thursday 23rd May”.
Helpfully, the message was translated as “Pleidleisiwch dros Lafur Cymru ar ddydd lan 23 Mai” in case there happened to be any Highland Welsh-speakers.Alongside a picture of Jeremy Corbyn, north voters were told that “Theresa May and the Tories are in chaos and Britain is in crisis”.Or for the Welsh-speaking fraternity, “Mae Theresa May a’r Toraid mewn anhrefn ac mae Prydain mewn argyfwng.”The arrival of the leaflets was greeted with surprise. One voter, Roddy Morrison, tweeted: “Welsh Labour leaflet – what’s wrong with that? Delivered to Ross-shire in Northern Scotland –shambles.”Kirsty Nicol asked: “Did you mean to mean to send my household a Welsh Labour leaflet (in Welsh)? For the upcoming European elections? I live in the Highlands of Scotland. I do hope the whole of Scotland didn’t get sent this! You do know that we are in a climate emergency?!”Ken Dalley remarked: “Welsh Labour leaflet delivered to me in the Scottish Highlands today?? God help us.”The blunder was the latest incident to suggest that the Labour Party is a little confused when it comes to Scottish and Welsh identities.Earlier this year a Labour promotional video trumpeting its “vision for Scotland” was illustrated with shots of the Welsh mountains.Instead of using Highland footage, the online video used pictures of the peak of Tryfan in Nant y Benglog in Snowdonia.A Tory spokesman said: “This is yet another embarrassment for Richard Leonard.“Labour seems to have a habit of confusing Wales with Scotland. It does not exactly inspire confidence.“
Was the leaflet at least printed in Wales?

I shall check when i receive one assuming the one i receive was not aimed at a voter in Inverness

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