Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Labour are Riding two horses at the same time One called Remain and the other Leave

Labour may have just pull off one of the most deceitful manifesto commitments  ever.
The BBC report that 
Labour's governing body has agreed to support a further referendum on Brexit under certain circumstances.
The National Executive Committee met to decide the wording of its manifesto for May's European elections.
It rejected the idea of campaigning for a referendum under all circumstances - as supported by deputy leader Tom Watson and many ordinary members.
But the party will demand a public vote if it cannot get changes to the government's deal or an election.
The National Executive Committee (NEC) oversees the overall direction of the party and is made up of representatives including shadow cabinet members, MPs, councillors and trade unions.
 A Labour source said: 
"The NEC agreed the manifesto which will be fully in line with Labour's existing policy to support Labour's alternative plan and if we can't get the necessary changes to the government's deal, or a general election, to back the option of a public vote."
The decision was sufficiently nuanced, though, that MPs have interpreted it in different ways.Wes Streeting, who favours another referendum, tweeted that the NEC had "made the right call and confirmed that a public vote will be in our manifesto for the European elections".Fellow pro-referendum MP Bridget Phillipson said Labour had "done the bare minimum needed" and she could "only hope" it would be enough to win over voters who want another say on Brexit.
On the other side of the party, Gloria De Piero, who is against another vote, also welcomed the decision, arguing it meant the manifesto would "not contain a pledge" to hold a referendum - only keeping it as "an option" if a general election could not be engineered.
So basically  they are claiming that we can have a  public vote if it cannot get changes to the government's deal  in which Jeremy Corbyn may back whatever Mrs May comes up with or an election in which there's no guarantee that Labour will get a more acceptable deal including a Customs Union and Freedom of Movement which many Remainers feel is a red line.

Indeed what would be in a Labour General Election Manifesto? Unless there is a commitment to a Conformation Referendum on whatever they can obtain what's the point.

Riding two horses at the same time. One called Remain and the other Leave.

Don't worry though the  it seems that "Welsh"  Labour candidates in the Euro elections  will be calling for a conformation referendum.

Before the meeting NEC Third Rate Minister Mark Drakeford told the assembly's Brexit committee on Monday that he was "relaxed" about the efforts of all four Labour candidates in Wales for May's European Parliament elections to push for a second referendum.
When Mr Drakeford was asked whether he had any advice for Mr Antoniw ahead of Tuesday's NEC meeting, he said he expected the Pontypridd AM to "exercise his judgment".
Mr Drakeford is of course a Lexiter and follows orders from London.
But  it seems likely that Labour in Wales will be attempting to ride two horses in giving the impression they support both Remain and Leave , which may just work on the other hand, many of those who accepted the 2016 referendum may think that Remain is the only option that will not result in a catastrophe , especially as both May and sadly Corbyn haven't a clue in how to extract a deal that avoids one.

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Why does Plaid have two women at the top of the list. I thought that was against Party policy? Or doesn't that policy apply to the sisterhood? Patrick McGuiness would be a great politician.