Saturday, 18 May 2019

We should not be doing the Remain Parties TV job for them.

If I was living in England, then I would vote for the Greens in the European Elections next week.

It would be a mixture of voting for a Remain Party and support for what they stand for

As it I live in Wales and Plaid also meet my criteria with the added bonus of them supporting Independence.

I am not persuaded with the tactical voting (TV) argument . If the "Remain Parties" wanted this to happen then they should have come to an arrangement amongst themselves, and not expect us to do it for them.

It could also mean that you are expected to hold your nose and vote for the Liberal Democrats who if successful will immediately play down that  it was a "Tactical Vote", for them  and claim that it signifies the revival that they have been waiting for.

I am also wary of the Plaid call for people to lend their vote. Instead the argument  should be that it's time to consider a change in allegiance, not only in this election but future ones.

To some extent this seems more of the approach of Caroline Lucus of the Greens on the Left Food Forward Blog.

She writes

This is the election which wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s also one where a lot of voters are looking for a home.  If you don’t want to leave the EU, and are repelled by the populist rants of Nigel Farage, who do you vote for?We know many of you hate the Tories’ austerity, but you also value freedom of movement and want to remain in EU. If that’s you, Labour isn’t really offering you a home. Young voters came out strongly for Labour in 2017, but we know you also are also overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU.  While Labour may reflect your progressive values, Jeremy Corbyn’s ambiguous stance on Europe is letting you down.  Who can say what Labour’s policy really is? Progressive pro-EU voters want certainty and leadership, which is why so many of you are turning to the Green Party in search of a new political home.  Our support is surging: since our success at the local elections, at times we have been welcoming a new member every three minutes. It’s not just Europe which is bringing them.  We know many of you, particularly young people, are deeply worried about our survival in the face of the climate crisis and the frightening warnings about disappearing species and mass extinctions.  We are the party which demanded urgent action on the climate right from the start.  We’ve been leading the way in the European Parliament on environmental protections since 1999.  I know, I was one of those MEPs.If you’ve voted Labour in the past, I understand why you wouldn’t want to support the centrists at ChangeUK who are making almost no impact, or the Lib Dems who supported the Tories’ austerity programme for five years.That’s why I’m asking you to give your support to the Greens.  We have shown we can win, and deliver when we do.  Our councillors are making a real difference in their communities across Britain.  Our support is growing steadily as we show we’re a rising force in British politics.No-one wants to abandon a party which they supported in the hope of a better future.  But Labour and Jeremy Corbyn are not offering the future you deserve if you want to stay in Europe.  We are.  The Green Party is offering you a home.  Please give us your support.
There was an expected response from some quarters

  1. Tom Sacold

    No thanks. We should be putting real industrial jobs and real socialist policies forward for the British people. Not the nut-cutlet politics of the trendy middle-class snobs.
  2. Patrick Newman

    A dishonest article. It is not in the gift of the Greens or even Labour to revoke Article 50. A peoples’ vote is also not in Labour’s gift – there are not the numbers in Parliament so live in hope that the impasse is so fundamental a Peoples’ vote is the only way out for M.P.’s across parties. To pretend there is a simple formula to end Brexit is leading people up the garden path. It would be more productive to campaign to have the referendum annulled on the grounds of the unresolved evidence of corruption and illegality in the Leave campaign. A Peoples’ Vote may make things worse.
The first indicates that some around Corbyn seem have no idea that we need to take our socialist values and mix them with more progressive values which the Green movement  and the calls for  action on the climate disaster we are facing.

Dismissing those advocating such a change as "trendy middle-class snobs". and arguing for real industrial jobs seems as Mr Sacold , does seems to me that there are some "socialists", who think that the way forward is to recreate the loyalty to the Labour Party that we in the Sputh Wales Valleys have given them for nearly a century.

A loyalty in which the Labour Party has in power betrayed time and time again.

It was Wilson and Callengham who started Mrs Thatchers work for her.

I do not see Jeremy Corbyn who can't even himself look beyond London changing things.

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