Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Brexit Party candidates in Wales . Not as nasty as some in the Party.

So here are  the Ukip Brexit Party for Wales standing in the European Elections tomorrow in Wales

  1. Nathan Gill
  2. James Freeman Wells
  3. Gethin James
  4. Julie Anne Price
Sam Holloway  has investigated the whole of the Brexit Party candidates for the UK and writes

From gay conversion therapy advocates to supporters of paedophilia legalisation, from climate change deniers to rampant tax avoiders, from NHS abolitionists to besties of neo-Nazis, from fracking supporters to unabashed profiteers of chaos…

 Some of you might not have the time to investigate what kind of people you’re voting for, and what views they have, something made harder by their often suspicious levels of secrecy and stonewalling. Put simply, you might not know who you are voting to give power and influence to.
Which is why I took the time to do the reading for you.
I read up on every single listed Brexit Party MEP candidate, and some staff members, to find out what kind of people they are. And it was an epic, revealing slog.
A vast amount have a history of tax avoidance / using tax havens, or are minted enough for Brexit to present a massive green light for such practices — see the pesky EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which sets out to clamp down on several types of tax avoidance ( And many candidates preside over corporations that are paid to show other corporations how to comprehensively dodge and mitigate paying tax.
A vast number of Brexit Party candidates work in property, finance, or real estate. Which is fine, only many of them have been spectacularly candid about — and quoted on — their desire to personally profit from and fecklessly exploit the chaos and decline that they openly admit Brexit would cause.
Many candidates manage huge businesses and have been vocal about how fed up they are with annoying things like the EU telling them that their food produce needs to be safe to consume, or that they need to pay their employees sick leave.

From reading the whole list it appears  we in Wales may have been left off lightly. as Sam tells us that 

Nathan Gill

A former UKIP MEP. Curiously, the home care company he set up with his mother, Burgill Ltd, mainly employed staff from Poland and the Philippines on low wages. The company collapsed into administration with debts of £116,000 (link). A practicing Mormon. Gill is a climate change denier, as he stated during TV debates, and says that wind power is “completely stupid” (link) and that he would vote against renewable energy (link).
Of course  we know Nathan Gill. In the 2016 Assembly election Gill won a seat representing the North Wales region. He was beaten to the post of leader of the UKIP group in the National Assembly for Wales by former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton, in a move which Gill described as "bizarre".Farage described the move as an "unjust act of deep ingratitude"  resulting in Hamilton dismissing Farage as simply an "MEP for South East England whose opinions were "irrelevant". Gill subsequently left the UKIP group in the assembly to sit as an independent, citing much infighting and distractions. He remained a member of the party and its leader in Wales, until Neil Hamilton was made Wales leader in September 2016. He resigned as an AM in December 2017.

James Wells

James Wells formerly worked for the Office for National Statistics, and was a former civil servant. He took part in Farage’s ill-fated 300 mile march. Before that he says he spent his time ‘shouting at the TV’ (link).
Admitted on a BBC show that he wasn’t a fan of his party leader Farage’s Nazi-esque ‘breaking point’ poster and wouldn’t “personally endorse” them (link).
Not easy to find much else about his beliefs online.
Gethin James

A former UKIP member, and a sacked Welsh councillor (link). Locals where he worked as a councillor describe him as “a waste of space… he gives and takes more back handers than the mafia allegedly” (link).He has sided with Donald Trump and criticised protestors for demonstrating against him, saying “I don’t see why people in this country are protesting against him” (link). Who knows…His Twitter page swoons over Farage, and childishly encourages spoiling ballot papers (link).

Julie (Anne) Price

Hardly anything via Google, seemingly no Twitter page, very hard to read up on. However, her name comes up in an article, as an insurance broker who doesn’t like EU regulations that give people sick pay, maternity pay and grievance pay, as this makes it ‘difficult’ for her as an employer (link). Please spare a thought for Julie.

It is very likely  that two of these number will be elected  to the European Parliament .

Do we really want Wales to be showcases by these sort of people? You have until 10PM tomorrow  to prove otherwise.

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