Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Ukip Welsh assembly Waka-Jumpers to join Farage's Brexit Party?

Ever since seven Ukip AMs were elected yo the Welsh Assembly they have been fighting among them selves like Kilkenny cat and there are now only three left in the group.

Of those that left the most prominent member Mark Reckless quit the UKIP group in April 2017, He now sits as a Conservative AM, but without being an official member of the Conservative Party

He  left the Conservative group in the National Assembly - the third time he has resigned from a political group to join another in the last five years.

Nigel Farage will visit Wales on Wednesday amid mounting speculation he will announce a Brexit Party group in the Welsh Assembly.
Sources say the Brexit Party leader is expected to meet the new group ahead of a rally in Merthyr Tydfil.
Four Brexit-supporting, all Ukip AMs  who held regional seats which were allocated to UKip under the Under mixed-member proportional representation, a type of Additional Member System - Mark Reckless, Mandy Jones, Caroline Jones and David Rowlands - could be in the frame to join Farage's latest creation which has serious questions about whether it is breaching electoral law.
The Brexit Party has not confirmed or denied the reports.
Cynics may think that the four have looked at the polls and considered that even if they were still sitting Ukip AMs their chances of getting reelected were slim.
So a well organised and financed Brexit Party may well be their next opption.
So we can see four Waka-Jumpers  forming the fourth largest party in the Assembly.
Because of the constituency size of the five regions that additional members represent  by-election would be expensive ,
I fully endorse this from Ifan Morgan Jones

  • Thinking of submitting this to the Senedd petition website. Let me know what you think and any amendments that should be made.
    10:59 AM · May 14, 2019 · Twitter Web Client
    Though I think that the answer is to switch to the Single Transferable Vote , which would give us roughly the same result , but all elected could claim a personal mandate.

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