Saturday, 25 May 2019

Who ever wins Tory Leadership may not be in NO 10 for long.

It is  perhaps in the genes of politicians, that they are directed to the leadership of their party and thinking they could be Prime Minister.
Even when their party is in a slump , there is always those who aspire to leadership even if the polls suggest that it will be short lived.
After the 1997 Labour Landslide Tony Blair saw of, three Tory opposition leaders , William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard and Duncan-Smith was deemed so inept he never led his party into an election.
The rule seems to be if you lose an election , then you resign as leader , though Kinnock had two goes at it . 
The race to become the next Conservative Party leader has begun, following Theresa May's announcement that she will step down next month.
The contest will not only result in a new party leader, but also in the next prime minister of the UK, but how long will the winner be in Number 10.
Certainly they are helped by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn does not sem to have moved his base and his Pro-Brexit stance has alienated Remainers ,in away his left wing politics did not in the last election.
Conservative Party bosses expect a new leader to be chosen by the end of July.
Mrs May confirmed on Friday that she will resign as party leader on 7 June, but will continue as PM while the leadership contest takes place.
She agreed with chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, that the process to choose a new leader should begin the week after she stands down.
Several potential candidates have already set out their stalls as Mrs May announced she was leaving on June 7 and there could be over nine in the field.
Boris Johnson is favourite and is popular amongst the Tory membership.but MPs?
Those who share my Progressive Left  views should not however believe that the Torys under Johnson Premiership would be voted out in the next election.
In 1975 there was much mirth in Labour quarters when a right wing "housewife" ousted  the "One Nation Tory" Edward Heath .
But Margaret Thatcher yes with events like the SDP splitting the Labour vote and the Falklands  Factor, she saw of all the  opposition before being brought low by her own party.
Hopefully  whoever the next Tory leader to enter Number  10 will not be there for long but they could still screw the UK up as May has done  in the meantime.
But the lesson  for Wales that has been leaned in Scotland  that if you dont't want to be governed by the Tories a party you did not want , then Labour 's not the answer  but Independence is .

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Gwyn Isaac said...

Watch Amber Rudd become the new Windsor & Maidenhead Tory MP after May resigns from the Commons. And then Tory Party Leader.