Friday, 28 February 2014

So it was BBC Cymru/Wales who commmisioned ICM Plard Cumroo poll

 The BBC have published the poll conducted ICM in which I took part and where the canvasser included a party caled Plard Cumroo in the list of options.

Fewer than one in five Welsh voters say they would like to see an independent Scotland, according to the poll

The survey found only 5% of people want to see an independent Wales, but that figure rose to 7% in the event of an independent Scotland.

The number of voters who want to see the Welsh assembly abolished has risen 10% in the past four years.
But more than a third said they would like to see it gain more powers.

Question Result
So the largest group would like to see the Welsh Assembly have more powers But 23% said they wanted to see it abolished, a figure 10% higher than that recorded in 2010. Which may in part reflect disappointment with the performance of the Welsh Assembly   even among Labour Supporters (Thanks to Jac for the below table)
Labour Performance

There was some better news for Labour and Plaid Supporters in the intentions of voting in the next UK elections.

LAB 42 +6
Conservative 24-2
Plaid Cymru 14 + 3
Lib Dems 9 -11
Ukip 7 +5

For some reason there was no question on Elections to the Welsh Assembly  since it was BBC Wales/Cymru who conducted the poll.

So did the use of canvassers one of whom couldn't pronounce the name of one of the parties have a positive or negative effect on those claiming they will vote Plaid.

I don't know but maybe   both BBC Cymru/Wales and ICM will try to see it doesn't happen again.

Wales should become independent, separate from the UK 5%
The Welsh assembly should have more powers than it currently has 37%
The powers it currently has are sufficient and should remain as it is now 28%
The Welsh assembly should have fewer powers than it currently has 3%
Wales should remain part of the UK and the assembly should be abolished 23%
No answer 1%
Don't know 4%

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maybe its not in the Welsh Genomne either?

This is Labour’s  leader in Scotland  Johann Lamont. Who appears to be arguing that the people of Scotland do not have it in their DNA to make decisions for themselves

OK. Lets try to be fair, she may have been claiming that the Scots are not uniquely able to make political decisions . But it does look as if her party joining up with the Tories and LibDems to bully Scotland into voting No seems to believe that Scotland can't make political decisions for the benefit of Scotland and despite the way successive UK government have wasted the North Sea revenue, an independent Scotland unlike Norway can't make the best of this revenue

But if it is the view of Scotland's Labour leader that it is not in the Scottish Genome. What does Carwyn think?

First Minister Carwyn Jones is on a trade mission to America  claiming itwill yield results for Wales' economy. 

His four-day trip begins in Washington where he will meet business leaders to promote Wales as a place to invest in and visit.

Asked if the trip was a "jolly", he said it was no "holiday" and ministers had to travel to "sell Wales".

In Washington, Mr Jones will visit Congress, where he will address a group of 200 people with an interest in Wales set up by members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

So if he is asked  how come Wales has less powers than the US state of  Iowas which has a similar population to Wales and that he seemingly has no plans for even matching the current powers of the Scottish Parliament. would his reply be.

Its not in our DNA to run ourselves. Despite the fact Wales have never voted for a Tory government . we are quite happy for David Cameon as Thatcher did before him to try and destroy the values we believe in.

Indeed as I myself have proven we would much prefer a laissez faire form of Government  doing nothing  and having no ambition.

Maybe its not in some peoples genome here as well as Scotland ,  but more likely it is a years of being told you are not capable of  doing anything by yourselves which as lead to some of our politicians like Carwyn Jones and Johan Lamont to have a "cringe reaction" to their London masters.

It may be to late to cure them of this and we need to select people with ambition and plans for the future of out two Nations.

That is why Scotland should vote Yes and for Wales to say we will soon follow.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Welsh Tories off to see Headmaster. (He's not going to be happy.)

Tory AMs will travel to Westminster on Tomorrow  for what is described as their regular annual meeting with MPs. Though its unlikely that Headmaster Cameron is going to be pleased with them.

David Cameron is expected to be present despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel visiting parliament the same day. 

According to BBC Cymru/Wales 

the gathering follows the sacking of four shadow cabinet ministers by Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies.
There are also tensions between him and the Secretary of State for Wales David Jones.
Mr Davies's chief of staff, Antony Pickles, was called to a meeting in Downing Street on Tuesday evening as No 10 tries to resolve the rows.
There is said to be puzzlement in Downing Street over the sackings and a desire to find out what happened and why.
Tuesday's meeting was said to be about finding a way through the tensions and to prepare for Thursday's gathering.
Wales Office Minister Stephen Crabb has cancelled an official visit to promote tourism so he can attend the meeting.

Last week, Mr Cameron said plans to hand restricted tax powers to Wales are the "starting point" for a debate.
UK ministers want to hold a referendum on allowing the Welsh government to vary income tax rates.

Andrew RT Davies said he hoped the sackings would make the Welsh Tories stronger
Each income tax band could only be moved at the same time and by the same amount - the so-called "lockstep".
A row over whether to back the lockstep or not led to Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies sacking four members of his shadow cabinet.
Mr Davies has criticised the lockstep while the four colleagues he sacked said they were supporting the policy of the UK coalition government. 

So the four were sacked for supporting Cameron's Policy 

It will be interesting to see  what Cameron makes of  former Shadow Minister who was sacked after defying her group leader in a vote over the devolution of income tax powers to Wales has made a formal complaint to the party about the behaviour towards her over the issue of a fellow Tory AM.

North Wales AM Antoinette Sandbach claims Darren Millar put unreasonable pressure on her to back the position taken by Andrew RT Davies.

So what what will the headmaster make of this will he back  Andrew RT Davies his party leader in the Assembly or his Shadow Welsh Secretary.

Backing  Mr Davies and indeed changing the Westminster proposals could be seen as listing and present the Welsh Tories with a victory.

Except there doesn't seem to be  much support for Mr Davies amongst senior Welsh Conservatives outside the Assembly.

It seems that the Tories are digging themselves into a hole that they are going to find difficult to get out of.

Removing  Andrew RT Davies would probably not be wise, But as long as there's a power struggle between the leader of the Tories in the Assembly and the Welsh Secretary (or Shadow) this will continue.

The same could be said of Labour but at least they are not conducting a civil war at the moment.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jonathan Edwards Prime Minister of the UK in 2015? (No Consitutional Reason why not).

It seems that David Cameron has declared he does not want his Conservative party to form another coalition after the next election and would go into minority government instead, according to a report in the Telegraph

Cameron’s Tories are the senior partners in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats but will fight next May’s general election on a promise not to form another coalition in the event of a hung parliament,

The Telegraph claim that an expected that a minority government would soon collapse, triggering a second election.

Except of course we have fixed term parliaments now and the public might just say to all parties we've voted its up to you to sought it out.

Of course it may depend on how far they are away from a majority 

If Labour need to form a coalition with more than one party then just as happened in Wales and Scotland they could carry on making agreements on a Bil by Bill Basis
 a compromise with the Unionist Parties in A compromise solution  will  not take take the Conservative whip but  vote with them on national issues and will vote independently on issues relating to Northern Ireland

With fixed term Parliaments David Cameron would have to lose a vote of confidence though that again does not bind him to resign and "Go to the Queen" who is the only person who can really call an election and she might simply say carry on.

After the next General Election the Queen calls David Cameron who is still Prime Minister and ask him if he could form a government if he can't . She then calls Ed Miliband  and if he can't she can in theory call anyone even a member of the House of Lords (Who is a Member of Parliament in a different House). Its been a while since the PM was a Lord but there,s nothing barring this.

Conservative MPs may force a leadership contest and elect one more wiling to enter a coalition.

The point is that there's no written constitution on this 

In theory if say if Plaid's  Jonathan Edwards was able to get backing from MPs he could go to the Queen and say he can form a government .

There's of course  a 0.01% of this happening  but there's no constitutional reason why it can't.

The point is that if Cameron who is responsible for fixed term parliament wants to can carry on without a majority . He could  if the polls are with him call for a confidence vote himself and deliberately lose it 

If theres a hung Parliament in 2015 there no reason why it shouldn't last 5 years and thats how it should be.

Monday, 24 February 2014

ICM ask me if I intend to vote for Plard Cumroo.

I was rang yesterday by an ICM  researcher  to take part in an opinion poll on a number of questions including  on my intentions of voting  in the next  UK general elections.

The questions were geared to a respondent based in Wales. So it was a bit of a hock when the nice English lady read out the Parties name and asked me who I intended to vote for

Liberal Democrat
Plard Cumroo

Yes in 2014 in a opinion poll which was as I said geared to Wales as I was asked about Welsh powers including Independence the name of one of the major political parties here was given with the pronunciation that used to make us  squirm in the 70's and 80's

How can such a poll be accurate if one of the options is so badly given.

I did correct the Lady and In my case it made me more determined to give Plaid as my intention.

 But how many who may be wavering to Plaid be put off by this.

I've emailed ICM on this and will add the reply if iget one.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Canton Ward Cardif Byelection result

The result for the Canton ward on Cardiff Council was follows.

Lab 1201 (41.7%; -5.9%)
PC 972 (33.7%; +14.3%)
Con 381 (13.2%; +2.4%)
Green 148 (5.1%; -10.5%)
TUSC 101 (3.5%; +1.6%)
LD Matt Hemsley 80 (2.8%; 0.3%)

So despite   loosing over a thousands vote Labour held the seat . Plaid saw a big swing but must be disappointed that theyb haven't got a moral boosting win . Though they are beginning to look like  the only Party capable of damaging Lbours current hegenomy in the Welsh capital.

But Labour have held 3 seats in recent byelections in Cardiff and it makes you wonder how many electoral promises they wil have to break or how many savage cuts they carry out before the electorate start punishing them.
Labour 2,230, 2,130, 2,128 (51%)
Plaid Cymru 910, 837, 824 (20%)
Greens 730, 564, 503 (14%)
Conservatives 505, 468, 426 (11%)
Liberal Democrats 118, 98, 84 (2%)
Socialist Labour Party 106 (1%)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Just How close wasTony to Rupert?

One of the oddities of the Blair Administration was the support he has from Rupert Murdoch and his media empire
Rebekah Brooks and Tony Blair
Blair and one of the Worst Editors ever to run a UK Newspaper

It seems this was reciprocal as it has emerged  Tony Blair secretly advised Rebekah Brooks to launch a "Hutton-style" enquiry into the News of the World six days before her arrest as a suspect in the phone-hacking scandal, it has been revealed in evidence disclosed at the Old Bailey.
According to an email written by Brooks, following an hour-long phone call in July 2011, the former prime minister had also offered to act as an "unofficial adviser" to her, Rupert and James Murdoch on a "between us" basis.

 Copy of the email sent by Rebekah Brooks to James Murdock following a conversation with Tony Blair

Maybe Rupert Murdoch may be regretting is backing of Blair as rumours which are denied by both parties of saintly Tony having an affair with Rupert's Ex wife  persist

They re-emerged recently When it emerged Wendi left a note saying  Tony has 

“such good body”, “really really good legs”, “Butt” and “Pierce blue eyes which I love”, 

I don't particularly like entering the World of gossip  and Tabloid revelations but Tony Blairs closeness to a media Mogul who is not a citizen of the UK is a important question  to ask about our democracy , Just how far this "friendship " allowed Murdoch to steer the UK Government towards his way of thinking is something we need to know . Their personnel relationship will have relevance on this and we need to know.

It is a question of the state of Democracy in these Islands and not their love lives but the latter may have some relevance onhow the truth emergers..

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I am a Nationlist and an Internationlist

It is interesting that Yesterday Blog on the Wasting Mules,  coverage of an opinion Poll on cuts to public services, in which they highlighted that over 50% would like to see cuts in welsh language services brfor others had only 8 comments on their website.

This may be because you seem to have to link your Facebook page to Wales Online and I for one am not going to claim I like this, or give the impression I approve of their crap newspapers.

But those comments that were there did contain the usual Anti-Welsh trolls and most were reasonable.

One comment interested me however 

John Nicholson  who seems to have a bit of a thing about welsh Language Education and appears to live in the Bangor area 
At last it seems that we are beginning to open a public debate on this important issue. For years the agenda has been controlled by the Welsh Language lobbyists, and it is about time that the whole population of Wales were asked their opinion about the spending of public funds on promoting the Welsh Language.
It may be that this was not a very well run poll, but what we need are some proposals for a good way to measure public opinion on how (if at all) the use of the Welsh Language should be supported.

I am sure that very few people would object to a principle that nothing should ever prevent any two people from communicating in a shared language. The right of Welsh speakers to use Welsh must not be inhibited. However, do Welsh speakers have a 'right' to demand that all services must be provided to them in Welsh - regardless of the cost - which all of us must pay? It is not just the cost of teaching and translating between languages, it is also the cost to society of lower standards of service because top professional will not take up jobs in Wales if their children are then forced to learn Welsh. In the health service most good professionals are now neither English or Welsh. The quality of our health service will be very much reduced if only Welsh speakers must apply. The same applies to all forms of public service.

There's a joke amongst Black people in America that

In the Racist South they didn't mind Negroes getting close as long as they didn't get uppity.

Whilst in the "Liberal" North they did..t mind Negroes getting  uppity as ling as they didn't get

Mr Nicholson seems to believe people can use Welsh in private but not in public

He finishes with the usual I'm not a Nationalist argument.

  "I have no time for nationalism at a time when we should all be striving towards a more unified and less divided world, where people can properly share the world's resources in an integrated way. Spending significant public funds supporting minority languages is not helping to achieve a sustainable economy upon which we all depend".

Does he me a World with only one language and Culture ?  I wonder which one?

The Welsh Language enriches us all even those (like myself) who don't speak it.

I don't know Mr Nicholson politics but Left or Right its the usual"I'm not a nationalist I'm a Internationalist" mostly from the left guff, that usually ended at Dover.

Or those who would support the rights of indigenous people throughout the World when faced with colonial pressures  and believe that whilst their culture should be persevered Welsh should be allowed to die and we all embrace English.

I am a Nationalist and Wales is my Nation, but I also an Internationalist and  want to see a World where people can speak to each other as equalls and unite against the scourges of War,Hunger and now climate change.

And we can start contributing to the World through our language and culture as one of our greatest  politicians Henry Richard did.
Henry Richard Nationalist and Internationalist"

A man who in the 19th century was the first to champion the Welsh language in Westminster but also was prominent in the Anti-Slavery campaign and was one of the foremost advocated for Peace through Reconciliation in his day

Although the argument for Henry Richard  was a Welsh Nationalist may not be proved he was an Inspiration for those that followed.

Maybe its time we revive his memory.



Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mule attacks Welsh provision in guise of reporting

The Wasting Mule once again pushes forward its Anti-Welsh agenda

 They report .

That well over half the people of Wales think Welsh language provision should be one of the priority areas for cutting as councils consider where to make savings, according to a poll carried out for ITV Wales.
Tonight’s edition of the S4C current affairs series Y Byd ar Bedwar – produced by ITV Wales – will reveal that 56% of those polled by YouGov opted to cut Welsh language provision when asked to choose three spending areas for cutting from nine options.
Only one spending area – senior council staff – was chosen by more people (82%). The other options were
I took part in this yougov survey

When you given the option of cutting  building control and planning services, leisure, housing, roads, waste collection, education and social care for the elderly, children, adults and people with disabilities. and then see Welsh language provision it seems to me somewhat amazing and reassuring that the number was 56% in favour.-of cutting this as a priority

Its typical of the Mule to think this reinforces tier Anti-Welsh language  agenda.

It does no such thing . People were given false choices .

The idea that you can choose one area to cut is a stupid one even senior council staff Though it's were we should start)

But one question needs to be answered . What is the wasting Mule stance on the welsh Language?

I would have more respect for this rag if it was openly opposed to the Language rather than its constant nit picking masking lazy and biased reporting as journalism.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Idiot Posh School Head thinks she's an expert on the rest of Welsh education.

The Wasting Mule once again uses "covering a story" to attack Welsh medium education.

They cover a story that "failings in the education sector are down to the “Welsh psyche” and students should be encouraged to leave Wales for university, the head teacher of a leading independent school has argued.

Emma Taylor, the first female head teacher of Christ College Brecon in the school’s illustrious 473-year history, has provoked controversy by claiming that some students are in need of being “rescued” from Welsh medium schools.
All the arrogance of a colonial Official looking down on the natives

Asked why the education sector is struggling, Mrs Taylor said: 

“There is something in the Welsh psyche which is a desire not to get above yourself.

“It seems that Welsh people prize modesty and humility and sometimes that can lead to a lack of ambition, and ‘I’ll settle for what I’ve got’ rather than thinking, ‘The world is my oyster and I can really aim high’.
“So there may be something about the teaching of resilience and self-esteem and self-belief areas of education that could be quite important as well as the three Rs.”
Mrs Taylor also said that she would encourage pupils to go elsewhere for university, adding that this was “better for Wales in the long run.”
She explained: 

“Sometimes students are a bit conservative and want to go to university in Wales because they are perhaps a little nervous about leaving. It is not one size fits all – there are some pupils for whom the very best course is actually in Wales.
“But as a default option I would say if you have always lived in Wales – go somewhere else for university, experience new people and new ways of thinking, then come back.”
At least she adds come back But as an argument on the Welsh psyche the reverse could be said .

The idea that we have to leave our own country for the "Glittering Prizes" of a English University  and that we can't provide  first class education here is what is holding us back.

Mrs Taylor should be arguing for "Our Universities" to achieve top International status and to start this we should be encouraging our brightest and the best to remain here.

The idea that we can't do anything ourselves is why we are falling behind .

But Mrs James shows her true colours when commentating on Welsh medium Education

She questioned the basis for the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores, which ranked Welsh education the lowest in the UK, but conceded: 

I think there probably is some truth in them saying that Wales is lagging behind.
“Some research into the role to Welsh language plays would be good, as that is one difference between Welsh and English schools.

“We do encounter pupils who have really needed to be rescued from an environment where they were trying to learn through the medium of Welsh and just struggling, with literacy for example.

“If you have a specific learning difficulty and you are being asked to learn in a language that is not your mother tongue as well it can be detrimental, definitely.”

Mrs Taylor warned that parting with the English education system could lead to “unforeseen consequences” for teachers as well as students. She said: “I would counsel the Welsh Government not to diverge too radically from what is going on in England.“At the moment we can recruit teachers from England and indeed Welsh teachers can work in England. We will make that border much less porous.apprehensive about what effect diverges will have on us, and on education more generally.”

What utter rot  I believe there was some research that children with dyslexia cope better through the medium of Welsh but this looks like some one who has no previous knowledge of Welsh medium education reacting with a gut feeling.

I would argue that ther's  something wrong with Emma Taylors Psyche who has all the hallmarks of a colonial official who believes the natives can't do anything without English guidance.

She does not seem to have   any connection to Welsh education before being appointed to the Public school in Brecon in 2007 any yet she appears to believe being the head of a posh school with 450 pupils makes her an expert on not only Welsh education but also welsh medium education in particular  and the Mule seems to think she's worth quoting.

If I was marking her report I would giver an F and mark it " see me".

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ukip hypocricy over Assembly election rules.

The Wasting Mule  joins in the media love affair with Ukip gives publicity to Ukip tells us "that Strong support for keeping the ban on Assembly candidates standing both on a regional list and in a constituency has come from Ukip".

The UK Government plans to scrap the ban – a move supported by the Electoral Reform Society but opposed by the Welsh Government.

It would place Wales in the same position Scotland where no such ban exist

In written evidence to the Welsh Affairs committee, Ukip attacks the proposals to axe the ban introduced ahead of the 2007 Assembly elections as going against a “fundamental principle of democracy”.

The party argues that a system that allowed people to stand on a list and also “campaign freely within a local constituency” would send “an unpalatable message to the people of Wales.”
It states: “People should feel that their vote makes a difference. The potential for candidates to be named twice goes against this fundamental principle of democracy as it allows politicians to insure themselves against the will of the people.

“It is conceivable that a local population have actively voted against a candidate for extremely strong reasons en masse, but have failed to remove them/prevent their re-election because of the list system.”

Now I would accept that Ukip have an argument even though I disagree

But in the 2011 Ukip did not fight a single constituency seat in the Welsh Assembly Elections!

The list system is supposed to be a  top on the constituency vote.

But how can a party which does not fight any constituency seat and  which may benefit from the Additional member rule talk about the "fundamental principle of democracy as it allows politicians to insure themselves against the will of the people"

It is sheer hypocrisy on Ukip part in that that they can benefit from a system designed to see that party votes are equalised .from the top up system to talk about democracy. when they are exploiting this by only standing in the list.

Should not Parties that only put up in the List  face a greater threshold before they are elected?

Maybe only Independents should benefit from the current rules.

Why should a party that pays no deposit in the constituency votes and the expense of campaigning get up to six AM on the cheap?.

Do Ukip intend to stand in any constituencies in  the next election?

Friday, 14 February 2014

Will bullying save the union?

 Plaid’s Treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards has added an interesting piece to the row over the three Unionist parties joining up to bully the Scottish people into voting NO by saying they will not allow Scotland to keep the Pound, by claiming the Chancellor’s  George Osborne comments were “borne out of knowledge that the pound would be significantly weakened if Scotland left the currency union”. and by implication damage welsh jobs

 He said: 

 “The Chancellor’s comment show that ‘Project Fear’ has gone into over-drive having finally realised that a victory for the Yes camp is a very real possibility. Mr Osborne knows full well that the currency union benefits from Scotland’s membership and is resorting to desperate tactics in an attempt to scare Scots into voting for the status quo. Just as the Welsh First Minister’s embarrassing intervention proved when he threatened to veto a currency union - something he has no power over whatsoever – every incident of sabre-rattling from Better Together is a gift to the Yes campaign.

“Plaid Cymru has repeatedly made the case for sterling zone reform with Wales being granted a place on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, and clear accountability structures between governments, parliaments and the Central Bank so that monetary policy can be formulated in the interests of Wales.
“Based on this extraordinary positioning of the Westminster elite, the Treasury and the Welsh Government need to publish in haste their assessments of the number of Welsh jobs that would be lost should the UK Government prohibit Scotland from using sterling. It is a dereliction of duty to make grandstanding statements without publishing those assessments. It is a disgrace that the Westminster elite are willing to sacrifice Welsh jobs in order to score political points against Scotland.”
I suppose the Unionist could argue that its Scottish independence could cost Wales jobs but from where I'm sitting it does look like the Unionist (Labour,Tories, and LibDems) are acting out of spite

Indeed its resembles a time when Women had little rights an stayed in an abusive relationship because of this threat

What are the chances that this will backfire and the Sottish people will realise that they are not in a Union of equals and are certainly not better together?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Whose in charge of Welsh Tories ?

It what seems one of the oddest things to affect the Tories as a result of devolution  Welsh  leader Andrew RT Davies has dispensed with four members of his Shadow Cabinet team – after they reportedly refused to back the party’s income tax policy in the Assembly. But which are the parties Westminster policy.

Nick Ramsay, Janet Finch-Saunders, Antoinette Sandbach and Mohammad Asghar were all removed in a dramatic reshuffle, which followed a damaging split over their leader’s policy that income tax powers should not have a “lockstep” limitation.

Now Tax powers with the lockstep is what the Westminster government is offering . It is the same powers as devolved to the Scottish Government but which they have never used

Because its a ridiculous ,  policy on tax Basically Wales like Scotland cannot cut the lower rate of tax so as benefit the lower paid workers without doing the same for those paying  the higher 45% tax

Similarly  a Tory led Welsh Administration believing in trickle down economics  cannot  cut the upper rate without cutting the lower rate

At least that's how I see it .

 Andrew RT Davies therefore has sacked four ministers for following the Westminster model .and not his.

Will there be further developments ? What will be the reaction of David Jones the other leader of the Welsh Tories think about this?

 Andrew RT Davies is hardly someone who advocates Devolution in Wales to be on a par with Scotland  but it does seem that he's not prepared to be David Cameron Spokesman in Wales at least not one who is second Welsh secretary or the shadow whilst in opposition in Westminster.

Is it not time that the Tories like labour make it clear whose in charge in Wales  Andrew RT Davies or David Jones , Carwyn Jones or Owen Smith.

But I suspect this will continue as long as the Welsh Office is in place. Maybe abolition of this office will make it easier for them.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Strangling an independent Scotland at birth.

Britain's main Unionist parties Tory LibDem amd Labour  are drawing up plans to deliver a powerful message to the Scottish people that the remainder of the UK will refuse to form a currency union with Scotland if voters endorse independence in the referendum in September. According to the Guardian

David Cameron signalled at his Downing Street press conference on Tuesday that Osborne would be first out of the blocks later today where the the chancellor will reject a currency union as he develops his warning last week that first minister Alex Salmond's proposal had been "demolished" by the Bank of England governor Mark Carney in a speech in Edinburgh last month.

The prime minister said....

 "The chancellor will be discussing this later in the week. I think it would be very difficult to justify a currency union post-independence. But I think it is very important that we set out these arguments in a very clear and rational way."
The Guardian understands that Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, and Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, will deliver similar warnings. But the three finance spokesman for Westminster's main political parties have decided that they should speak out on their own terms and in their own time because of the acute sensitivity of interventions in Scotland.

But hang on a moment  whose pound is it?

This after all is supposed to be a Union!

Its not a case of It's my ball and I'm taking it.

If Unionist think that such a attitude will win the argument for them . I suggest they think again.

It will lok like English arrogance  and expose the myth that this is an Union of equals.

But it raises a question for  fir Danny Alexander his fellow Scottish LibDems and all the Labour MPs from there .

If Scotland votes YES in the referendum "Do you really want to damage the economy of your new nations by creating uncertainty over monetary union.".

Surely even those who are left in the rump of England,Wales and Northern Ireland will not seek to sabotage the new Scottish Nations.

How far is Project Fear going to go.

It may save their precious Union.

But if it doesn't , do they really want an Independent  Scotland screwed up by a Westminster government in a fit of pique.

Maybe its time for some in the NO camp to realise that if they lose then they should seek the best for their new Nation not the worst.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Syniadau. More sinned against?

I have explained before that I am not a member of any Party partly because in witting this Blog I should feel free criticise or praise any party including the one I tend to support in this case Plaid and the Greens.

Indeed it loks like this is the best option for most Bloggers as has become clear in the case of Syniadau.

Mike Haggett who writes the blog has upset the Plaid Leadership  for openly criticising senior Party members  on their seeming or actual support for a new nuclear power station on Ynys Mon

This has came to a head posibly because Wales Online  stirred things up during the Ynys Mon byelection . by referring to the Syniadau Blog where Mike made it absolutely clear that he felt support for nuclear Power from  Rhun was against party policy
“If Rhun wants clarity, then we need to be absolutely clear that he is misleading people on this issue by telling blatant lies.

“{While} it might or might not be true to say that Plaid used to have a policy of developing nuclear power stations on existing sites at some time in the past, it has most definitely not been Plaid Cymru’s policy for some years. The decision made at conference is that Plaid Cymru are totally opposed to the construction of any nuclear power station in Wales, including a new nuclear power station at Wylfa B and Rhun is deliberately misleading people by pretending otherwise.

“If he’s elected on Thursday he will be a liability to Plaid Cymru for years to come, because he clearly isn’t interested in Plaid’s policies for Wales. He is a cuckoo who has duped his way into our nest in order to follow a private agenda of his own, or the agenda of a narrow interest group within the party that refuses to accept democratic decisions made by the membership as a whole.”

"In fact the Plaid conference in 2011 passed a resolution which said: “Plaid Cymru’s total opposition to the construction of any new nuclear power stations. If the Westminster Government gives the go-ahead for a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, we should make sure that the investment recognises the need to employ local people, invest in training to maximise local employment and make sure that indigenous companies benefit from supply chain opportunities.”

Mike had also opposed  Rhuns standing in the first Place pointing out that under the constitution as Run was not a member of the Party he should not be a candidate

Why arePlaid are trying to bring this action against Mike is beyiond nme as far as I can see hehes the equivelent of a Whistle Blower who is threatened by his or her employers with the charge of "bringing in to disripute" for exposing thier wrongdoings.?

In this Plaid are behaving like al the other parties having one law for"senior members" and another for the rest.

My message for the party is to drop this now and concentrate on Carmarthen Councils woes .

Picking on someone who points out that a Party member however senior or successful is spouting something contrary to party policy or indeed the constitution is hardly going to encourage people to join it.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How Fedarlist are the LibDems Two.

Last Week I asked the question "Just How Federal are the Liberal Democrats?".

I was asking the question about Wales in particular but it seems Mebyon Kernow leader Dick Cole when looking at the very question  with regards Cornwall has the answer.

At the moment Mebyon Kernow  platform It primarily campaigns for devolution to Cornwall in the form of a Cornish Assembly,

Some Cornish Nationalist   would clearly like the aim of the party to be independence . But if this is what  MK want then you could ask why not simply join the Liberal Democrats.

 They have has Dicck Cole points out claimed they are in favour of a Cornish Assembly..

But its as Dick indicates just words. 

As just one example by him  shows the LibDems will not provide what they promise

At another conference of Cornish Liberal Democrats in November 2005, they re-affirmed their commitment to the campaign for a Cornish Assembly. The motion specifically stated that “devolution to a Cornish tier of strategic regional government” was needed in advance of any reform to local government structures. In their press material to publicise the event, Andrew George MP said: “… the Government will not get away with their belief that they can fob us off with a rearrangement of deckchairs on the Titanic of local government.”

Worryingly for us in Wales it seem that the LibDems  may be about to offer us little more .

According yo Dicks Blog.

It has been announced that the Liberal Democrats will be debating devolution at their spring conference in York next month.

One local Liberal Democrat was reported as saying that the proposal for their conference was for “asymmetric devolution,” where “different regions could assume different powers from government.”

He is also reported as saying that the “culture, identity and history” of Cornwall made it a special case and that the “foundations for a devolved assembly, based on the Welsh model, had already been laid through the creation of the unitary authority.”

This does not look like the LibDems here will be demanding much in the way of "Parity with Scotland"  for Wales and even if they do who can realy say it what they actualy want.

And heres a lesson for Plaid the three Unionist Parties in the Assembly can bicker about piss poor proposals from Westminster on tax raising powers but its time to leave piecemeal  devolution behind.

Plaid leader has said this is a not a priority for the party  .

I welcome such a statement . 

Is it not  about time Plaid lays down the minimum of devolution it will enter into any "Cross Party Consensus" and  ask the other Parties how far they really want to go?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Betws yn Rhos By-Election

There was a By-election on Thursday  for the Betws yn Rhos division of Conwy Council
Betws yn Rhos - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Ifor Glyn Lloyd Independent/ Annibynnol 347 46% Elected
Clwyd Roberts Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 197 26% Not elected
Caroline Mary Evans Independent/ Annibynnol 127 17% Not elected
Bryn Jones Welsh Conservative Party Candidate/Ymgeisydd Plaid Geidwadol Cymru 83 11% Not elected

There was only a slight change from from the 2012 result.
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Doctor Ahmed Jamil No party name given/Ni roddwyd enw plaid 340 43% Elected
Clwyd Roberts Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 219 28% Not elected
Bryn Jones Independent/ Annibynnol 167 21% Not elected
Eryl Ellis Williams Independent/ Annibynnol 40 5% Not elected
John Oddy Independent/ Annibynnol 18 2% Not elected

Again its hard ro read anything in this with the Independents holding of Plaid . The problem of course is we have no idea how different the views of the new Independent is from the previous incumant.

The result leaves the council make up relatively unchanged

  • Independent 18
  • Conservative 13
  • Plaid Cymru 12
  • Welsh Labour 9
  • Welsh Liberal Democrat 5
  • The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 1
  • No party name given 1

The Council is led by Plaids Dilwyn Roberts in a coalition with Labour .Libdems and  independents so maybe you would expect the opposition Conservatives to do better