Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Community Council by-election has extra spice.

There will  Be A byelection here in Beddau  for a seat on Llantrisant  Community Council . Norrmaly it would not be of much of interest . Indeed it would be hard to fill the vacancy with the likelihood of someone being co-opted

But he recent announcement of the intend closure of Beddau Library and Day Centre by the Labour controlled R.CT.  will undoubtedly add extra spice

It is interesting  to note none of the candidates appear to be directly living in the Ward . Though most are near neighbours

The furthest  is Mr Bishop of the Pluralist Party of which he is apparently the leader

It seems that only candidate and sitting councillors are allowed to join his party

At he last Election Labour were easily ahead

Candidate Political Party Votes Result
JULIE ANN BARTON Welsh Labour 584 Elected
DAVID HUW BRAY Welsh Labour 580 Elected
LYNDA DAVIES Welsh Labour 605 Elected
NICHOLAS POWELL Independent 345 Elected
MICK TEMS Plaid Cymru 206

As the Library will play a part in this  A support group has been set up to try and come up with ideas on how to run the library on a voluntary basis should the Council decide to carry out its threat to close it.

I am afraid I can't be part of this  . To me  it  could create a dangerous precedent where it could be argued  that all such amenities should be run on a voluntary basis in the Big Society of David Cameron.

I know I am in danger of being accused "Of cutting of my nose to spite my face" but its where I stand.

However for   looking for ideas and volunteers and will be holding a public meeting at The Welfare Hall, Beddau on 20th February from 3pm - 7pm.

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