Friday, 21 February 2014

Canton Ward Cardif Byelection result

The result for the Canton ward on Cardiff Council was follows.

Lab 1201 (41.7%; -5.9%)
PC 972 (33.7%; +14.3%)
Con 381 (13.2%; +2.4%)
Green 148 (5.1%; -10.5%)
TUSC 101 (3.5%; +1.6%)
LD Matt Hemsley 80 (2.8%; 0.3%)

So despite   loosing over a thousands vote Labour held the seat . Plaid saw a big swing but must be disappointed that theyb haven't got a moral boosting win . Though they are beginning to look like  the only Party capable of damaging Lbours current hegenomy in the Welsh capital.

But Labour have held 3 seats in recent byelections in Cardiff and it makes you wonder how many electoral promises they wil have to break or how many savage cuts they carry out before the electorate start punishing them.
Labour 2,230, 2,130, 2,128 (51%)
Plaid Cymru 910, 837, 824 (20%)
Greens 730, 564, 503 (14%)
Conservatives 505, 468, 426 (11%)
Liberal Democrats 118, 98, 84 (2%)
Socialist Labour Party 106 (1%)


Anonymous said...

The drop in the Green vote seems significant here. It looks like it has gone to Plaid or stayed at home. This is one of only a handful of places in Wales where the Green vote is meaningful.

The drop in the Labour vote suggests this election was fought on local issues rather than national or UK ones.

Anonymous said...

The trouble here is it's a byelection,the turnout is quite a bit lower than the last local, it seems that Plaid hoovered up the Green vote, but little else, certainly not much from Labour.