Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mule attacks Welsh provision in guise of reporting

The Wasting Mule once again pushes forward its Anti-Welsh agenda

 They report .

That well over half the people of Wales think Welsh language provision should be one of the priority areas for cutting as councils consider where to make savings, according to a poll carried out for ITV Wales.
Tonight’s edition of the S4C current affairs series Y Byd ar Bedwar – produced by ITV Wales – will reveal that 56% of those polled by YouGov opted to cut Welsh language provision when asked to choose three spending areas for cutting from nine options.
Only one spending area – senior council staff – was chosen by more people (82%). The other options were
I took part in this yougov survey

When you given the option of cutting  building control and planning services, leisure, housing, roads, waste collection, education and social care for the elderly, children, adults and people with disabilities. and then see Welsh language provision it seems to me somewhat amazing and reassuring that the number was 56% in favour.-of cutting this as a priority

Its typical of the Mule to think this reinforces tier Anti-Welsh language  agenda.

It does no such thing . People were given false choices .

The idea that you can choose one area to cut is a stupid one even senior council staff Though it's were we should start)

But one question needs to be answered . What is the wasting Mule stance on the welsh Language?

I would have more respect for this rag if it was openly opposed to the Language rather than its constant nit picking masking lazy and biased reporting as journalism.


shambo said...

I think you are shooting the messenger. Wasn't the poll conducted for Byd y Bedwar (and ITV Wales)? WM are simply reporting outcomes.

As for YCC comment "We oppose austerity as a matter of principle. The idea that cuts are needed is a fraud perpetrated by neo-liberals." Really helpful.

david h jones said...

So, some 50% (I expected more too be honest, when one considers such a loaded question) want to see the Govt cut the 0.2% on Welsh.

So, the 99.8% left is not a problem? It's the 0.2% which is crippling us.

This is just racism. Anti-Welsh racism. It's bordering on the kind of rhetoric used by anti-Semities.

Anonymous said...

So, S4C has seen a cut of 34% over last few years - more than any other dept and they've commissioned a Welsh language programme to ask for more cuts.

Sepnd on Welsh lang is 0.15% - so, that's it, Welshies are the big problem (like Jews) not the 99.85% rest of budget.

And what is Welsh language service? Swimming lesson in Welsh is 'Welsh langauge service' but swimming lesson in English is 'leisure'? So, cut swimming lessons in Welsh but not English?!

Why 'Welsh language' why not 'English language'. I know a Polish speaker hired by Carmarthen to deal with Polish immigrants. Why am I paying for that - they chose to move here. Why isn't there a heading for 'speaking Polish'. My guess this would come under 'care for adults' or 'education' and so is uncommented on (and i'm not advocating this either, just making the point).

So, thanks to 'Byd ar Bedwar' we'll now see disproportinate cuts in sports clubs in Welsh but not sports clubs in English; cuts in dealing with old people in Welsh, but not old people in English; mentrau iaith but not youth groups. That is there need be no 'Welsh budget' if services incormporated Welsh in everyday use, there's only a 'Welsh budget' because authorities make an exception for the 'norm' and see it as an exception.

Sure the Byd ar Bedwar 'journalists' are feeling very proud of themselves. Good work boys. Useful idiots.

glynbeddau said...

You have a point about Byd y Bedwar and one can question their motives in this and the comments below certainly do. But the point I try to make the Mule is that it ceases on any negative report on the Welsh language. and I really do question their agenda.

Britnot said...

On the contrary YCC are absolutely correct. There is no need for austerity on this scale. We are being lied to by the neo liberal elite. If they chased the Tax evaders/avoiders like they badger people on benefits we would'nt need these devisive austerity measures. People in wales should be ashamed of their apathy and lack of courage in fighting the cuts. The Scots are right to take on the Westminster bigots, shame we havent the courage to do the same.

Loaded question designed to provide the answer required. Somewhere within the Welsh psyche is the desire to fight back against tyranny, its time it was awakened!