Thursday, 13 February 2014

Whose in charge of Welsh Tories ?

It what seems one of the oddest things to affect the Tories as a result of devolution  Welsh  leader Andrew RT Davies has dispensed with four members of his Shadow Cabinet team – after they reportedly refused to back the party’s income tax policy in the Assembly. But which are the parties Westminster policy.

Nick Ramsay, Janet Finch-Saunders, Antoinette Sandbach and Mohammad Asghar were all removed in a dramatic reshuffle, which followed a damaging split over their leader’s policy that income tax powers should not have a “lockstep” limitation.

Now Tax powers with the lockstep is what the Westminster government is offering . It is the same powers as devolved to the Scottish Government but which they have never used

Because its a ridiculous ,  policy on tax Basically Wales like Scotland cannot cut the lower rate of tax so as benefit the lower paid workers without doing the same for those paying  the higher 45% tax

Similarly  a Tory led Welsh Administration believing in trickle down economics  cannot  cut the upper rate without cutting the lower rate

At least that's how I see it .

 Andrew RT Davies therefore has sacked four ministers for following the Westminster model .and not his.

Will there be further developments ? What will be the reaction of David Jones the other leader of the Welsh Tories think about this?

 Andrew RT Davies is hardly someone who advocates Devolution in Wales to be on a par with Scotland  but it does seem that he's not prepared to be David Cameron Spokesman in Wales at least not one who is second Welsh secretary or the shadow whilst in opposition in Westminster.

Is it not time that the Tories like labour make it clear whose in charge in Wales  Andrew RT Davies or David Jones , Carwyn Jones or Owen Smith.

But I suspect this will continue as long as the Welsh Office is in place. Maybe abolition of this office will make it easier for them.

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Welsh not British said...

He's basically sacked them for being "too Tory". I can't be the only person in Wales who sometimes wonders who is more right wing, the Tories or the RedTories.