Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Syniadau. More sinned against?

I have explained before that I am not a member of any Party partly because in witting this Blog I should feel free criticise or praise any party including the one I tend to support in this case Plaid and the Greens.

Indeed it loks like this is the best option for most Bloggers as has become clear in the case of Syniadau.

Mike Haggett who writes the blog has upset the Plaid Leadership  for openly criticising senior Party members  on their seeming or actual support for a new nuclear power station on Ynys Mon

This has came to a head posibly because Wales Online  stirred things up during the Ynys Mon byelection . by referring to the Syniadau Blog where Mike made it absolutely clear that he felt support for nuclear Power from  Rhun was against party policy
“If Rhun wants clarity, then we need to be absolutely clear that he is misleading people on this issue by telling blatant lies.

“{While} it might or might not be true to say that Plaid used to have a policy of developing nuclear power stations on existing sites at some time in the past, it has most definitely not been Plaid Cymru’s policy for some years. The decision made at conference is that Plaid Cymru are totally opposed to the construction of any nuclear power station in Wales, including a new nuclear power station at Wylfa B and Rhun is deliberately misleading people by pretending otherwise.

“If he’s elected on Thursday he will be a liability to Plaid Cymru for years to come, because he clearly isn’t interested in Plaid’s policies for Wales. He is a cuckoo who has duped his way into our nest in order to follow a private agenda of his own, or the agenda of a narrow interest group within the party that refuses to accept democratic decisions made by the membership as a whole.”

"In fact the Plaid conference in 2011 passed a resolution which said: “Plaid Cymru’s total opposition to the construction of any new nuclear power stations. If the Westminster Government gives the go-ahead for a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, we should make sure that the investment recognises the need to employ local people, invest in training to maximise local employment and make sure that indigenous companies benefit from supply chain opportunities.”

Mike had also opposed  Rhuns standing in the first Place pointing out that under the constitution as Run was not a member of the Party he should not be a candidate

Why arePlaid are trying to bring this action against Mike is beyiond nme as far as I can see hehes the equivelent of a Whistle Blower who is threatened by his or her employers with the charge of "bringing in to disripute" for exposing thier wrongdoings.?

In this Plaid are behaving like al the other parties having one law for"senior members" and another for the rest.

My message for the party is to drop this now and concentrate on Carmarthen Councils woes .

Picking on someone who points out that a Party member however senior or successful is spouting something contrary to party policy or indeed the constitution is hardly going to encourage people to join it.

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Anonymous said...

Nuclear Power.

Party policy is to oppose all nuclear power. Some elected members have a different view. It IS a lie to claim it's not party policy to oppose nuclear power. This is the normal 'cut and thrust' of political debate on policy. I see no need for any 'party discipline on this matter.


There was no 'slot in' during the selection of Rhun as a party candidate. There is a rule relating to length of party membership required to be a candidate, however, there is an exception to this rule, in cases where professional role precludes party membership, such as police officer, magistrate, or in this case, BBC journalist. I myself, deliberately lapsed my Plaid membership when I was temporarily resident outside the UK, as was my income. There are others who have been in this position and can still be legitimately stand as candidates once the precluding period is extinguished. Plaid in Ynys Mon democratically selected one of a number of valid candidates. The published Cookoo accusation is false. Publication of a statement to this effect would end any need for party discipline.