Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Strangling an independent Scotland at birth.

Britain's main Unionist parties Tory LibDem amd Labour  are drawing up plans to deliver a powerful message to the Scottish people that the remainder of the UK will refuse to form a currency union with Scotland if voters endorse independence in the referendum in September. According to the Guardian

David Cameron signalled at his Downing Street press conference on Tuesday that Osborne would be first out of the blocks later today where the the chancellor will reject a currency union as he develops his warning last week that first minister Alex Salmond's proposal had been "demolished" by the Bank of England governor Mark Carney in a speech in Edinburgh last month.

The prime minister said....

 "The chancellor will be discussing this later in the week. I think it would be very difficult to justify a currency union post-independence. But I think it is very important that we set out these arguments in a very clear and rational way."
The Guardian understands that Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, and Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, will deliver similar warnings. But the three finance spokesman for Westminster's main political parties have decided that they should speak out on their own terms and in their own time because of the acute sensitivity of interventions in Scotland.

But hang on a moment  whose pound is it?

This after all is supposed to be a Union!

Its not a case of It's my ball and I'm taking it.

If Unionist think that such a attitude will win the argument for them . I suggest they think again.

It will lok like English arrogance  and expose the myth that this is an Union of equals.

But it raises a question for  fir Danny Alexander his fellow Scottish LibDems and all the Labour MPs from there .

If Scotland votes YES in the referendum "Do you really want to damage the economy of your new nations by creating uncertainty over monetary union.".

Surely even those who are left in the rump of England,Wales and Northern Ireland will not seek to sabotage the new Scottish Nations.

How far is Project Fear going to go.

It may save their precious Union.

But if it doesn't , do they really want an Independent  Scotland screwed up by a Westminster government in a fit of pique.

Maybe its time for some in the NO camp to realise that if they lose then they should seek the best for their new Nation not the worst.

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