Thursday, 6 February 2014

Are there votes in being Pro-EU?

Last nights Party Political broadcast by LibDem leader Nick Clegg was interesting you can see it on Subordinate Central Here .

Virtually one that is intended  for the European Parliamentary Elections between 22 and 25 May 2014,

its an interesting move  . In the past the LibDems may have paid a price for being seen as the most Pro European party in these elections.

But with the Tories so scared of UKIP they are trying to get a bill through binding the next Westminster Parliament no matter whose in charge  to a In-Out referendum. Maybe its not a foolish move.

True Euro-scepticism is on the rise  there's no real evidence that quitting the European Union is the majority view of the citizens of the UK.

Indeed the LibDems may be helped with Ukip making the  elections here about Europe and not referendum on the Westminster Coalition government.

It may be wishful thinking on Nick Clegg's behalf , But it is probably their only weapon in their armoury.

At the last election in 2009 excluding Northern Ireland the Libdems got 11 seats out of 69 contested on 13.9 % of the vote and came fourth  . This was when Labour were unpopular.

If they can hang on to this percentage they will probably hail it as a revival in their fortunes.

It would be ironic if they could actually reap benefit from campaigning against the Euro scepticism that is infesting our media including the BBC who seem to be in a love in with Nigel-Farage.

Maybe Plaid should loo at this approach closely an argument that Wales is better of in Europe rather than being bullied by Right -Wingers Tory Toffs in Westminster may be a fruitful one,

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