Friday, 28 February 2014

So it was BBC Cymru/Wales who commmisioned ICM Plard Cumroo poll

 The BBC have published the poll conducted ICM in which I took part and where the canvasser included a party caled Plard Cumroo in the list of options.

Fewer than one in five Welsh voters say they would like to see an independent Scotland, according to the poll

The survey found only 5% of people want to see an independent Wales, but that figure rose to 7% in the event of an independent Scotland.

The number of voters who want to see the Welsh assembly abolished has risen 10% in the past four years.
But more than a third said they would like to see it gain more powers.

Question Result
So the largest group would like to see the Welsh Assembly have more powers But 23% said they wanted to see it abolished, a figure 10% higher than that recorded in 2010. Which may in part reflect disappointment with the performance of the Welsh Assembly   even among Labour Supporters (Thanks to Jac for the below table)
Labour Performance

There was some better news for Labour and Plaid Supporters in the intentions of voting in the next UK elections.

LAB 42 +6
Conservative 24-2
Plaid Cymru 14 + 3
Lib Dems 9 -11
Ukip 7 +5

For some reason there was no question on Elections to the Welsh Assembly  since it was BBC Wales/Cymru who conducted the poll.

So did the use of canvassers one of whom couldn't pronounce the name of one of the parties have a positive or negative effect on those claiming they will vote Plaid.

I don't know but maybe   both BBC Cymru/Wales and ICM will try to see it doesn't happen again.

Wales should become independent, separate from the UK 5%
The Welsh assembly should have more powers than it currently has 37%
The powers it currently has are sufficient and should remain as it is now 28%
The Welsh assembly should have fewer powers than it currently has 3%
Wales should remain part of the UK and the assembly should be abolished 23%
No answer 1%
Don't know 4%


Welsh not British said...

What they should have done is asked the question.

Is Westminster doing a good or bad job with Welsh schools/hospitals.

This would instantly show the ignorance of the people being polled.

Anonymous said...

Why would it? The Don't Know category covers the ignorance, and is unsurprisingly high. The ignorance is lower for health than for education and economy. This makes sense because Cameron and the Brit media has started talking about the Welsh NHS.

Anonymous said...

This poll is more or less proof that more needs to be done to make people aware of the difference between the executive and the legislature. The very fact that there are those who are disappointed with the Welsh governments performance are still prepared to vote labour more or less proves this. Its very divisive and dangerous to confuse sensitive issues like hospital closures with constitutional such as devolution.
This is primarily down to Wales being neglected by the UK,media. Why is it that when the Welsh Labour Government comes under fire its always from tory MPs in London? Why don't they ever report the criticisms from opposition AMs like Andrew RT Davies, Leanne Wood & Kirsty Williams? Surely that would show the people of Wales that there is a democratic alternative to labour