Saturday, 1 March 2014

Beddau Community Councilor By-Election

THe Election here in Beddau of a new Community Councilor  saw independent Gill Morris win the seat fom Labour.

Jonathen Freeman Bishop  The Pluralist party of Wales  3
Ron Hunt Labour 173
Gill Morris /Indepenndent /Annibynnol
Stephen Thomas Owen  Plaid Cymru 43

The two bottom candidates lived outside the Llantrisant Community Council so that may reflect thier vote . Whilst the two others lived outside the ward but in nearby Tynant Ward

In some ways it was a relief for Labour who were expected to be punished after the announcement of the closure of the local Library and Day centre.

But they may have ben helped by the fact the  poling stations are closest to thier voting stronghold.

Still there was a very low turn out  perhaps because except for a Plaid circular I received no electoral Communications and if polling cards were not issued few would  have known there was an election going on but it may  really reflects public apathy with Community councils

2012 Result

Candidate Political Party Votes Result
JULIE ANN BARTON Welsh Labour 584 Elected
DAVID HUW BRAY Welsh Labour 580 Elected
LYNDA DAVIES Welsh Labour 605 Elected
NICHOLAS POWELL Independent 345 Elected
MICK TEMS Plaid Cymru 206

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