Saturday, 15 March 2014

Recevinfg a ATOS assestment before getting full treatment for my ilness.

Yesterday I received a letter from ATOS  calling me in for "An assessment for fitness for work.

I don;'tn have a problem with that I have been  receiving Sick notes for about 9 months now and can understand why there is a need to make sure I am actually unfit.

However I have been called in for this Assessment  before I've been given a date for the Surgery for my Acromegaly which hopefully will cure me and make fit for work.

I have been on the list since November but it was last April when I started having sever pains in my right arm and lesser pains in my other arm and legs.

My GP immediately flagged up my previous Acromegaly of 1994 and ordered Blood test and this pointed to  type 2 Diabetes  (It was Type 1 last time) and started the whole rigmarole of appointments with endocrine unit.

After waiting for MRI scans which wee not conclusive . It was not until I saw the Surgeon at the Neurology department at the Heath that it was absolutely confirmed  tumour on my pituitary gland had regrown and I needed surgery.

I am still in pain and cannot really use my right arm for heavy duties for more than 5 minutes and even using the phone for a period is painfully.

I recognise that as far as the surgery is concerned  I am well down on sorority when it comes to Neurosurgery there are after all  many people with neurological problems worse of than me and it would only take some poor bugger with aneurysm o knbock me down the list.

What worries me is that I wil be seemed fit to look for work even though I can't use my arm for a long period and would have to explain to any potential employer that I was waiting for major surgery.

But common sense doesn't seem to be entering the equation.

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Cibwr said...

Good luck with ATOS - common sense should prevail!