Thursday, 20 March 2014

Beer and Bingo the new Bread and Circuses?

It used to be "Bread and Circus but now it seems that it has ben replaced by Beeer and Bingo after yesterdays budget

Conservative chairman Grant Shapps used his Twitter feed to unveil the party's advert, which claimed the measures would "help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy".

Even Liberal Democrat colleague Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander described it as "extraordinary". and he looked like he could have crawled under a chair

But lets face it the ridiculous thing is that a Penny of a pint will make a difference .

I don't drink that often but I was out Saturday and a pint was £3.10

So I would have to drink 310 pints before I could in theory get one free

Of course I never will when was the last time you bought a pint that involved copper coins so it may not be passed on to the consumer . I t would ne okay if it helped hard up landlords and landladies but it is likely it will go to the breweries.

The Department of Health guidelines recommend not regularly drinking more than:
  • three or four units a day for men
  • two or three units a day for women
The UK aims to state on the label of all alcohol drinks how much alcohol they contain. This is expressed as ‘percentage alcohol by volume’ (% ABV). The packaging should also give the number of units of alcohol the drink contains.

One unit is equal to 10ml by volume or 8g by weight, of pure alcohol – the amount of alcohol an average adult can process in one hour. The number of units of alcohol in different drinks varies, for example:

one 25ml single measure of spirit (37.5% ABV) is equal to one unit
a 175ml (standard) glass of red wine (12% ABV) is equal to two units
a pint of beer (4% ABV) contains 2.3 units
a pint of cider (4.5% ABV) contains 2.6 unitts 

So That's not a lot anyway about 10 pints a week if you are drinking under DOH guidelines. So it 35 weeks before you get a free pint If it is passed on.

But in a budget aimed at pensioners and savers the real nitty gritty over the budget will emerge over the next few days

But it clearly had the next election in mind cutting the welfare budget and aiming for the sort of Middle class .It might just persuade those leaning towards Ukip to stay with them

But less face  for the most part Budgets are unfathomable to ordinary  people and it takes an age before we begin to notice any benefit   (losses are often more apparent) and by then we have another Budget.

Sill Bread and Circuses or Beer and Bingo jyst how far you can fool the people is open to question

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