Thursday, 13 March 2014

It seems Scotland are not experiencing the Westminster cuts according to Labour.

As Councils throughout Wales  are imposing savage cuts and blaming this with justification on the Westminster governments . We must ask ourselves why this does not seem to be happening in Scotland?

Wings Over Scotland  Supplies us with two Quotes from Labour's Alistair Darling and Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander

We don’t mind telling you, folks, we’re struggling on this one.
But… don’t…

 So a Senior member of the Labour Opposition in Westminster who are constantly opposing these savage cuts . seems to be in total sync with a senior member of that government imposing these cuts.

Labour have already jumped into bed with the Tories and LibDems into bullying Scotland into voting No by claiming they would prevent an Independent Scotland from keeping the Pound.

Now it seems they are claiming Scotland is not being affected by the cuts.

Or perhaps they are saying this will be worse?

Or the SNP government is doing so well in Edinburgh that ther's no need for cuts in Scotland.

But it does seem that the better Together campaign are prepared to come up with any negative  claim and Labour Members are prepared to gloss over the shortfalls of their seemed political enemies in Westminster to make the case.

But then Labour they would prefer Wales Scotland and Cornwall to be governed by Right Wing Tories  in London rather than by progressive governments at home

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