Thursday, 6 March 2014

Project Fear meets Buckaroo and is thrown off.

Project Fear took a new twist with the  BBC’s Robert Peston today, EU law (which Scotland would seemingly be subject to even though it wasn’t in the EU) might (yes might)  compel RBS and Lloyds to move to England (even though, as Peston goes on to note, both Lloyds Bank and Lloyds Banking Group are, um, already headquartered in London).

As the magnificent Wings over Scotland have pointed out there's a difference in how the media interpretate  words like might may could and will depending from whose mouth its coming from.


I wonder how much the EU law which Preston so gleefully informed us…which is seen by many to have dealt the greatest blow to 2Mr Salmond’s separatist ambitions.”  a view which hardly puts  him or the BBC in a unbiased  position has been completely implicated in this manner throughout  the European Union.

The idea of Project Fear is to present any real or (as in most cases ) imaginary case against Scottish independence and claim that this has damaged Salmond not the YES campaign but Salmond.

A few weeks back I made a comment on facebook  and my old friend Delme Bowen use the term Buckaroo in his comments.

I have taken this to heart and imagined Project Fear as the game of Buckaroo where rubbish is poured in the Independence campaign in the hope it will collapse.

But in the game of Buckaroo it doesn't work like that  and the mule (I hope no one is offended by comparing Scottish voters to a Mule) has had enough and

OK its probably not original but I do wonder how much ProjectFear which the BBC clearly has joined can go before even the staunchest NO supporter says "Stop insulting our Nations capacity" and start thinking that of a positive future for Scotland who CAN not one who can't  even consider one for themselves.


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