Saturday, 29 March 2014

Two Tribes go to War over Welsh NHS.

As the"Welsh"  Labour foot soldiers troop to Llandudno to here their leaders tell them how evil the Tories are but not why they supported the latter in the cap of welfare benefits something which saw only the three Plaid MPs opposing the continued demonising of the poor and vulnerable by all three parties . The blog Left Foot Foward  tells us that they are going to lovebomb us.

Well not exactly

Because what the theme of their Spring Conference is to respond to Tories exploiting  negative stories on how the Welsh assembly Government are running areas like Health and Education to try and claim it attack on the Nation itself.

After the Daily Mail's frankly ridiculous  byline.

The People's Republic of Wales: Soaring NHS waiting lists, plummeting school standards, jobs for the boyos... but still Red Ed hails it as his blueprint for Britain

They have been gifted  with this argument something which became clear in a recent comment by Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith.

“I think it is outrageous that a party here at Westminster that purports to be a British Government can think it legitimate to attack as viciously as the Tories have with such scant evidence, and with inference and innuendo, and smear a part of Britain that they are meant to be jointly responsible for but which they simply see as a means to attack Labour by proxy. Contrast this with what Cameron said when he came in, in my constituency, when he said we need a new respect agenda.
“Well, he has showed absolutely no respect for Wales at any point. His only interest in Wales is attacking it or using as George Osborne did [on his post-Budget visit to a Cardiff bingo hall] as a working-class backdrop for their attempts to, frankly, cheaply gather working-class votes with what they think working class voters want, ie beer and bingo.
“That’s patronising and what’s worst about the way they are going about it is that it is just such low politics, ill-informed, misrepresenting the facts, half-truths…”

It may well work the Labour party here having  little to offer strategy indeed (winning strategy)  has been to claim "we are not the Tories" and rely on the traditional antipathy to the latter to carry them through.

How long can this go on is open to question .

For the Tories who don't give a dam for Wales the state of our NHS and education  is a gift in England and may be for Welsh Labour (if not the UK party) it may give them the chance to wrap themselves in the Draig Goch claiming victimisation.

But its a worrying as as the two go to war in Wales over Health and Education  both offering criticism but no solutions the people of wales are likely to be crushed  under the wheels of their Tanks getting nothing and our two great Legacy to their beloved union the National Health Service and first rate education for all falling further behind.

So who ever wins this war of  words  we The People of Wales lose

As Framnkie goes to Hollywood pointed out 

"When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score ."

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