Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mule undermines an important article with sensationlist byline.

The Mule reports  that  a  Government-backed report has concluded. Political parties should each sign up to a target of 40% female candidates in winnable seats at the next local council elections in a bid to improve representation,

It is Interesting  that they have the byline

'Too many are straight, white men in their 60s': How Wales should shake up local government diversity.

Because I can't see this quote in the article . indeed Chair of the group, Professor Laura McAllister, said the measures were “not about being politically correct or ticking boxes”, urging everyone involved in democracy to work to diversity town halls.

Clearly the figures speak for themselves 

Survey results found only 28% of councillors were women, more than half were over the age of 60 (57%), 99.4% were white, just 14% consider themselves disabled and just 2% were LGBT. 

Prof McAllister said:

Increasing the numbers of people from under-represented groups is not just about being ‘politically correct’ or ticking boxes. Local government provides frontline services to the public which are vital for their everyday lives so it is vital the people who make decisions on our behalf about all of these matters are in tune with and representative of their local communities and understand their needs. Unfortunately, when taken as a whole, this is clearly not the case currently for local government in Wales.

Clearly the very nature of being a councillor attracted those over 60  as it it is not easy for someone in full time work to take this up

So it may be the best solution would be to reduce the number of Councillors by half and increase their pay making them full time.

The issue of female candidates is another issue and I doubt that anything than a compete change in attitude by our 
if our Political Parties in selection will resolve it.

It is however a pity that the Mule decided to report on a worthy report that all should consider, with such a sensationlist quote .

Where or Who did it come from? It seems to be designed to incite the "Political Correctness gone mad" brigade rather than initialise a rational debate on this and how we can work to move to meat at least some of the reports aspiration.

Political Correctness gone mad has been used by those who have no interest in seeing that those in power match in some ways the diversity in pour communities.

So I doubt if anyone at the Mule reads the Blog. But if anyone does can they pass this on Graham Henry who wrote the article  so he comment on why the Byline and where did the quote come from and how relevant it is to what he had written?

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