Monday, 31 March 2014

Where's the Meat?

 It seems that soeone at  the Wasting Mule may have felt that recent articles on "Welsh Labour management of  the Welsh assmbly may have been a little to unfavorable and that the final review should  be abit more positive.

So it fell to Martin Shipton to tell us.

Conventional wisdom says that political party conferences these days are no more than rallies designed to energise members in advance of forthcoming election campaigns.
This weekend’s Welsh Labour conference in Llandudno, however, defied conventional wisdom by having meat on the bone.

So where in his coverage was this meat?

Well apparently  the claim that Ed Miliband’s confirmation on Saturday that under a future Labour government Wales will move to a Scottish-style “reserved powers” model of devolution is not as I posted yesterday  a technical adjustment, but in fact it has the potential to change people’s lives for the better. 

Oh boy I can hardly wait  for the next Labour assembly government whose current lethargy is entirely down to the "confusion" over reserved powers.

What else does Martin Shipton think adds Meat to the Bone.

Well even he admits 

"that Labour’s position on the devolution of income tax powers was expressed somewhat incoherently by Owen Smith.Initially asserting that this was not a priority for the party, he went on to argue how it could be of benefit. Greater clarity over this issue would also be appreciated "
Well yes for instance  whether they would include the  lockstep. Scotland has never used it and neither would Wales.

 That's why Plaid have decided its not a priority to fighr  tax-varying powers we probably will not use . Remove the lockstep and we are getting  something  that all can campaign for ..

Or maybe not all

Go to a referendum with the lockstep and people will say why bother  not vote or vote no and then the Tories and Labour ,will argue that Wales does not want Tax powers or any more powers which i suspect is Owen Smith much of his Labour colleagues as well as their u_Tnionist buddies the Tories position.

I f this is all the meat Martin Shipton can find maybe he better call for a DNA test because it looks like  Horse-meat (or perhaps Mule-meat)posing as prime bee.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. So the only meat is reserved powers. A common sense move that just about everyone except David Jones supports.