Monday, 3 March 2014

Why Devolution does not mean "Better Together"

 Yesterday on the BBC Sunday Politics Wales  Kirstyb Williams (La Pasionaria) leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats  said  questions over the number of Welsh MPs were "inevitable" if there was more power devolved and more AMs.

Ms Williams said there was an argument to be had about the number of AMs but that should not happen in isolation.
"We need to look at how the whole governance of Wales works and whether we've got the right number of politicians at the right level," she said.
'Stable' settlement "The Welsh public would like us to move onto a more permanent settlement where we are not constantly having these commissions to try and adjust the devolution settlement," she added.
"I hope that what Silk two comes up with tomorrow is a definite plan of how we can move to a more sustainable and stable devolution settlement so we don't have to keep on having these conversations.
"Once that is clear on what will be the responsibility of the assembly and what will be the responsibility of Welsh MPs in Parliament, then we can have the discussion about what is the right number of politicians that need to do these jobs".What I am absolutely clear on is that it cannot cost the Welsh taxpayer any more than it currently does."
But La Pasionaria  is supposed to be a leader in a party that promotes Federalism.

How does reducing the number of welsh MPs promote this?

At the moment the number of seats are divided

40 for Wales
59 for Scotland
18 for Northern Ireland
533 for England

How can supposed Federalist Party support this supperioroty of numbers.> It is not the fault of Wales that  England does not have its own Parliament and even if it were so  despite devolution MPs in England will always be able to out vote the other Nations  Even if they combine together.

They can make decisions that affect the economy of Wales in the interest of England or to be more exact the City of London 

How can a supposed Federalist Party support the complete dominance of one region over three combined.

How are we Better Together when despite the Opposition to the Bedroom tax from Welsh and Scottish MP's the Bed Room Tax was pushed through.

But Federalism like Devolution though both may a huge improvement will not work because at the end of the day England will not accept being equals in such a Union.

They will (and I can see why) not accept a veto by the other three Nations or a form of qualitative voting.

In the meantime we should be arguing for more MPs from Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland at the same time as devolving more powers.

Yes its a case of "Having a Cake and Wanting to Eat it"

But if we are "Better Together" we should be as equals and not lose out because one region has a superiority in numbers.

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