Saturday, 22 March 2014

Who are the Tatan Tories Today?

Got to give it to Ed Miliband.  He delivered his speech  to Labour's Scottish Conference  with a completely strait face

With  Johann Lamont his parties leader in Scotland by his side  he argued

If Salmond won his quest for independence, Miliband  argued,

"think how hard it would be to stop a race to the bottom happening if, on one island, we had a border running along the middle so we were divided in two. It would be two lanes in a race to the bottom, with David Cameron and Alex Salmond at the starting blocks in which the only way they win is for you to lose."
But  what would Scots I wonder expect  if they stayed in the Union and Labour won back Holyrood

Well back in September 2012 Johann Lamont give us some insight
 "This is the stark choice that Scotland has to face up to: if we wish to continue some policies as they are then they come with a cost which has to be paid for either through increased taxation, direct charges or cuts elsewhere. "If we do not confront these hard decisions soon, then the choice will be taken from us when we will be left with little options."
Something that could have come out of the mouth of the leader of the Scottish Conservatives and our own "Top Tory" Andrew R. T. Davies

Labour used to accuse the SNP of being "Tartan Tories" but it seems that the decline of the real Tories in Scotland it is Scottish Labour that have taken up that mantle.

Miliband party has  already agreed not to oppose Osborne's cap in the welfare budget indeed Labour has already said it will introduce a three-year cap on welfare spending if elected in 2015..

With his own party in Scotland sounding like the Tories an h,e continuing pandering to the ranks of "Middle England" and Southern Tory voters the choice for Scotland  is Independence  or to be dragged to the bottom  by the next Labour or Conservative  government with  both demonizing  the Unemployed , Sick and  the excluded.

If Ed Miliband wants to portray the UK as being Better Together then maybe he should stop his party being little more that Tory Lite and look back at his socialist heritage because what he offers no is not much to those who have given their votes loyally to Labour not only in Scotland

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