Thursday, 20 February 2014

Just How close wasTony to Rupert?

One of the oddities of the Blair Administration was the support he has from Rupert Murdoch and his media empire
Rebekah Brooks and Tony Blair
Blair and one of the Worst Editors ever to run a UK Newspaper

It seems this was reciprocal as it has emerged  Tony Blair secretly advised Rebekah Brooks to launch a "Hutton-style" enquiry into the News of the World six days before her arrest as a suspect in the phone-hacking scandal, it has been revealed in evidence disclosed at the Old Bailey.
According to an email written by Brooks, following an hour-long phone call in July 2011, the former prime minister had also offered to act as an "unofficial adviser" to her, Rupert and James Murdoch on a "between us" basis.

 Copy of the email sent by Rebekah Brooks to James Murdock following a conversation with Tony Blair

Maybe Rupert Murdoch may be regretting is backing of Blair as rumours which are denied by both parties of saintly Tony having an affair with Rupert's Ex wife  persist

They re-emerged recently When it emerged Wendi left a note saying  Tony has 

“such good body”, “really really good legs”, “Butt” and “Pierce blue eyes which I love”, 

I don't particularly like entering the World of gossip  and Tabloid revelations but Tony Blairs closeness to a media Mogul who is not a citizen of the UK is a important question  to ask about our democracy , Just how far this "friendship " allowed Murdoch to steer the UK Government towards his way of thinking is something we need to know . Their personnel relationship will have relevance on this and we need to know.

It is a question of the state of Democracy in these Islands and not their love lives but the latter may have some relevance onhow the truth emergers..

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Anonymous said...

There is very little difference between the Tories and Labour. The party that was set up to redistribute wealth and fight for the weakest in society have become nothing more than pink tories. I cannot for the life of me understand why the people of Wales cannot see through the lies and ineptitude of the Labour party. Hopefully as in Scotland the realisation will come quickly and with the realisation that they are no longer the solution, rather they are part of the problem.