Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maybe its not in the Welsh Genomne either?

This is Labour’s  leader in Scotland  Johann Lamont. Who appears to be arguing that the people of Scotland do not have it in their DNA to make decisions for themselves

OK. Lets try to be fair, she may have been claiming that the Scots are not uniquely able to make political decisions . But it does look as if her party joining up with the Tories and LibDems to bully Scotland into voting No seems to believe that Scotland can't make political decisions for the benefit of Scotland and despite the way successive UK government have wasted the North Sea revenue, an independent Scotland unlike Norway can't make the best of this revenue

But if it is the view of Scotland's Labour leader that it is not in the Scottish Genome. What does Carwyn think?

First Minister Carwyn Jones is on a trade mission to America  claiming itwill yield results for Wales' economy. 

His four-day trip begins in Washington where he will meet business leaders to promote Wales as a place to invest in and visit.

Asked if the trip was a "jolly", he said it was no "holiday" and ministers had to travel to "sell Wales".

In Washington, Mr Jones will visit Congress, where he will address a group of 200 people with an interest in Wales set up by members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

So if he is asked  how come Wales has less powers than the US state of  Iowas which has a similar population to Wales and that he seemingly has no plans for even matching the current powers of the Scottish Parliament. would his reply be.

Its not in our DNA to run ourselves. Despite the fact Wales have never voted for a Tory government . we are quite happy for David Cameon as Thatcher did before him to try and destroy the values we believe in.

Indeed as I myself have proven we would much prefer a laissez faire form of Government  doing nothing  and having no ambition.

Maybe its not in some peoples genome here as well as Scotland ,  but more likely it is a years of being told you are not capable of  doing anything by yourselves which as lead to some of our politicians like Carwyn Jones and Johan Lamont to have a "cringe reaction" to their London masters.

It may be to late to cure them of this and we need to select people with ambition and plans for the future of out two Nations.

That is why Scotland should vote Yes and for Wales to say we will soon follow.


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