Thursday, 16 May 2019

Führer Farage: Dictator of Wales?

Over the top title? I don't think so.

Yesterday Nigel Farage Four former UKIP AMs have joined Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, announcing plans to form an assembly group.
Mr Farage declared Mark Reckless group leader on a visit to Cardiff on Wednesday.
The planned group, which includes Mandy Jones, Caroline Jones and David Rowlands, is subject to assembly approval and as  they were all elected as UKip AM's on the list system and are Waka-Jumpers  Some Plaid Cymru and Labour AMs want it stopped.
Mr Farage said: 
"The leavers in Wales are all coming back together again.""I'm very pleased as leader of the Brexit Party to welcome four members of the Welsh Assembly who will now re-designate, as of this afternoon, as Brexit Party members," 
But  "The so called Brexit Party doesn't have any members only supporters. 

Asked about the process by which Mr Reckless had become the leader of the Brexit Party Assembly group, Mr Farage confirmed that he had made the appointment:
 “I was here two weeks ago, I met them all – I explained what my thoughts were. They all support it.
“We’re a brand new political party. We’ve set it up like a company – we’re a start-up. Yes, the leader at the moment makes a lot of decisions. So far I’ve got more right that wrong.”
Mr Farage has claimed that the great majority of donations to the Brexit Party consist of small sums of up to £500 where the donor’s name does not have to be disclosed to the Electoral Commission. He denied reports that it would be possible to make multiple donations that exceeded the reporting limit without being identified.
Mr Farage, who had criticised Mark Reckless when he left UKIP, admitted to "one or two cross words with all of them" over the years. "That's all forgotten now", he said.
He said he had "hand-picked" who he wanted to join the Brexit Party. "There is a renewed sense of purpose and unity amongst these people," he said
The party leader, who appointed Mr Reckless, promised the group would have its own "radical" policies - the party does not yet have any, beyond wanting to leave the EU.
But it clearly has ambitions whether Brexit happens or not 

Nigel Farage  who announced that  "he's the boss" as  the four Welsh AMs joined the Brexit Party clearly has no intention of having any challenge to his authority.

Though he himself may be receiving orders from elsewhere, even from Non-British  sources. 

But clearly if the structure of the Brexit Party carries on then he i is acting as a dictator  and no matter what you views on Brexit are , you should have nothing to do with him.

When you vote next week do not shame Wales for voting for a Party, that will see it as a Mandate for destroying our democracy, and placing Wales in the control of a former English Stockbroker with autocratic leadership ambitions.

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