Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Greens had an interesting Tactic in some wards .

I think many who like this Blogs author lean towards Plaid Cymru , were pleased with the result for the Greens over the boarder in the English Local Elections.

In looking at the results I came upon a tactic which I never have experienced before.

In some wards in the City of York  the Greens ranked their candidates in order in preference 

Guildhall Ward

Candidates PartyNumber of votes
Dawn Argyle Conservative Party429
David Barratt Conservative Party409
Jamie Butler Liberal Democrat271
Denise CraghillGreen Party (Green)Green Party (first choice candidate)1492
Robin Dickson Conservative Party374
Fiona FitzpatrickLabour Party (Red)Labour Party1198
James Flinders Labour Party1050
Janet LookerLabour Party (Red)Labour Party1151
Danni Makin Green Party (third choice candidate)977
Jack McAteer Liberal Democrat226
Matthew Smithson Liberal Democrat191
June Tranmer Green Party (second choice candidate)1076

If they had not done so then maybe a distribution of votes could have seen them  gaining another seat

Micklegate Ward

Candidates PartyNumber of votes
Carlotta Allum Liberal Democrat407
Rosie BakerGreen Party (Green)Green Party (first choice candidate)1954
Sam Biram Green Party (second choice candidate)1313
John Brewin Conservative Party457
Jonny CrawshawLabour Party (Red)Labour Party2408
Bill Gambold Conservative Party436
Jennie Gambold Conservative Party449
Christopher Gammie Liberal Democrat293
Vera Gool Green Party (third choice candidate)1052
Pete KilbaneLabour Party (Red)Labour Party1913
Sandi Redpath Labour Party1746
Kate Webster Liberal Democrat
In this ward it may well have worked with nearly 900 votes separating the elected First Choice Candidate and the Third.

In some wards they did not use this tactic may be because they did not expect to win

Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward

Candidates PartyNumber of votes
Jill Armstrong Green Party295
Rod Bell Green Party211
Will Bossman Labour Party642
Andy Dearden Green Party281
Peter Dew Conservative Party721
Rebecca Fewtrell Labour Party729
Dave Merrett Labour Party692
Charlotte Milligan Conservative Party746
Stuart Rawlings Conservative Party711
Darryl SmalleyLiberal Democrat Party (Yellow)Liberal Democrat2219
Derek WannLiberal Democrat Party (Yellow)Liberal Democrat2149
Sam WaudbyLiberal Democrat Party (Yellow)Liberal Democrat2128

It does show that seem to have a detailed knowledge of where they vote is coming from in the City of York and a professionalism that in the past they have lacked.

Of course it could be simply that the Greens are using it as an argument for PR particularly STV, though it would take someone more skilled in Psephology than myself, to say what may have been the outcome if STV had been adopted.

If anybody particularly from the Greens have any further analysis or details, I would be grateful for any comments.

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