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Brexit could result in Cymru being erased and not Independent.

 In the weeks that followed Hitler's rise to power in February 1933 the German Communist Party and the Communist International clung rigidly to their view that the Nazi triumph would be brief and that it would be a case of "after Hitler – our turn". 

This sense to some extent forty years ago, when a middle class right wing housewife became first the leader of the Conservative Party was replicated in both Left Wing circles (and the Nationalist movements in Wales and Scotland) with the belief that the British working class would not put up with her for long and she would be ousted at the next election.

So it is with Brexit , there are some on the Left who  believe that Brexit will not lead to an authoritarian right government who will erode our human rights and civil liberties and privatise the likes of the NHS turning the UK into something like the US State  of Alabama and instead under Jeremy Corbyn lead us to a Glorious Socialist Future.

Which brings me to Jac O' the North's latest diatribe.

There will be Nationalists and Independistas who read Jac's Blog who think W
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I don't always agree with him but he does expose much that is wrong in Wales , and maybe he has a point.

So what will they think of his latest offering.

Voting Brexit Party for Welsh independence

He puts forward much of the same argument as above.

"In June 2016 I explained why I was voting for Brexit in a post on this blog entitled, ‘EU Referendum: Why I Want OUT!‘ I followed it up after the referendum with ‘Brexit, Wexit: Things Can Only Get Better!’I’m telling you this in the hope of proving that what follows is both intellectually and on all other levels consistent with what I wrote three years ago. Consistency being in short supply in Welsh politics at the moment.
I explained in June 2016, with the six points reproduced below, why I believed Brexit could result in Welsh independence.
  • We shall lose the EU hand-outs and these will not be replaced by Westminster.
  • Leaving the EU will result in economic meltdown.
  • The City of London will be replaced as Europe’s No 1 financial centre.
  • Brexit is fundamentally English nationalism.
  • Post Brexit the UK will experience the most repressive and anglocentric government ever known.
  • Scotland will probably become independent.
Since writing that I have also come to believe that the Brexit shambles, and the possibility of a hard border in Ireland, could well result in a reunified Ireland.
I concluded my pre-referendum piece in June 2016 with, ‘If you care about Wales, and if you want to see Wales survive and prosper as a nation in her own right, then you must vote to leave the European Union as the precondition for leaving the United Kingdom’.I wrote that because I hoped for the debacle we see now, the confusion of political parties imploding and new ones appearing out of nowhere, with the emergence of an intolerant English nationalism that tries to shout everybody else down. I also wanted economic collapse. Does that make me irresponsible? Maybe, but only in the short term.
He of course  blaames Plaid  
After the referendum Plaid Cymru’s leadership should have sat down, held hands, and engaged in an honest discussion in the hope of figuring out why so many Welsh people had gone against its recommendation and voted to leave the EU.
Had they done so they might have realised that many Welsh voters were pissed off with falling standards in health, education, housing and so many other fields; and they were relatively poorer than they’d been ten or twenty years earlier, with their concerns ignored by politicians they felt to be ‘distant’ and out of touch.
So they allowed themselves to be seduced and they took their frustrations out on the EU by voting for Brexit.
An honest inquiry like that should have made Plaid Cymru realise that many Welsh people were pissed off enough to vote for Brexit because devolution had failed them due to the ‘Welsh’ Labour Party being less than useless.
But when presented with the ever-open goal of England’s management team in Cardiff Bay Plaid Cymru always prefers to put the ball over the bar.
Wales voting for Brexit was as much due to Labour’s and Plaid Cymru’s inadequacies as it was to London’s neglect, proven by the situation in Scotland. There the SNP took Labour on in a no-holds-barred struggle – and won. With the result that since the SNP took control in 2007 things have visibly improved across the board for most Scots, and this influenced their vote in the EU referendum.
For by 2016 not only was Scotland doing much better than Wales by every measurable criterion, but the SNP had successfully convinced a majority.

I may be wrong here  but much of the success of the SNP  under Alex Salmond (a Left Winger) and Nicola Sturgeon ( also on the Left) promoting much of the "Civic Nationalism" as Plaid .

Prehaps Jac can tell me where Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood  differ on  the progressive issues he appears to despise?

You can read the rest here.

Jac ends with this.

CLARIFICATION: From the many comments received to my Facebook page it seems that some people think I actually support the Brexit Party. Let me explain . . .
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The Brexit Party and their shadowy friends are the means to an end. Socialists will understand this as ‘raising the revolutionary consciousness’ of the masses. Putting it bluntly, Dai Public is more likely to want independence after a kick in the nuts than yet another patronising pat on the head.
Call me cynical, call me an absolute bastard, but I’m a realist, and I know that just drifting along as we have done for 20 years – which is what Plaid Cymru wants – will get us nowhere.
It was neatly summed up in a letter in today’s Western Mail where someone concluded by saying that Brexit would result in “economic collapse and the breakup of the UK”.
Which is exactly what I’m saying. Short-term pain for long-term gain.
No! Brexit will lead to an authoritarian government, that will do its best to deny Scotland another referendum and probably follow the Spanish line on Catalonia.

Even if Scotland ,where to leave the UK many of those who now back Farage Brexit Party are the sought of people who oppose any form of further devolution and consoltate themselves by gainig seats in the next Assembly Elections.

I wonder if we could find anyone who supports the abolition of the Welsh Assembly, who will not be voting for the Brexit Party or Ukip on Tursday.

Brexit will not lead to Welsh Independence in the way Jac hopes . Instead it will lead to us becoming an annexe of England, where even the term England and Wales ceases to be used

 Does Jac hate Plaid's progressive policies so much he would risk Cymru being erased from history.

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Leigh Richards said...

As a project driven by nascent aggressive British nationalism there's no question brexit poses an existential threat to wales. And when people in Wales voted for brexit they were voting to affirm British sovereignty and not Welsh sovereignty, and this is something people like jac have have failed to grasp. There is nothing positive for Wales out of brexit - and every vote for the brexit party in Wales is a vote for jingoistic British chauvinism.

After the catastrophe of the 1979 devolution referendum and the triumph of thatcherism Gwyn Alf coined the briliant and chilling phrase 'naked under an acid rain' to describe the grim plight facing Wales - I fear Wales is once again naked under an acid rain