Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tory candidate an" Accident waiting to happen".

Yesterday I wrote that...
"Those of us who have the honour of a Tory (or one pretending to be an Independent) standing in their area will have or soon receive leaflets from them in which they don't call for cuts but will be calling for more expenditure on their Ward"

Here is one example the Tory standing in my Ward Sam Trusk calling for a development and bemoaning that expenditure goes elsewhere 

I am not claiming that candidates should not fight for their Ward all candidates especially those challenge incumbents will be doing so.

But, when you are standing for a political party which has imposed cuts from Central Government that has been passed down via the Assembly to your council, How can you have candidates in a Local Authority demanding expenditure in their patch?

You could argue that this is the case for voting as an Independent but they often work like a political Party as they work as a group both in opposition and in power.

Indeed how many "Independents" are  subject to some kind of "Whip" just look how they operate on Carmarthen an Pembrokeshire councils.

Too what extent are they organised under a leadership and candidates already agree to some group policies even before they are elected.

If you look at the above image you will see that under the Photo of Mr Trusk are the words an 

"Accident waiting to happen".
Condemned  in his own words you might say

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