Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Charity begins at home.

Pontypridd Labour MP  was busy yesterday promoting an event he and his AM counterpart was organising.

He asked a number of organisation to retweet an event he and his AM counterpart was organising

Are you looking for funding for your community group in ? Join us on 21 April

These are just a few of his follow ups,

The Event aim's to provide community groups with information on funding

It all looks very worthy. but I wonder about the timing just two weeks before the Council Elections on May 4th and I think i can be forgiven for thinking that  maybe this may have a secondary intention in boosting Labour's image before we go to the polls to elect a new bunch of councilors.

The venue is St Catherine's Church almost directly opposite Plaid's Council Campaign HQ and where  Heledd Fychan one of Plaid's "Star Candidates" is standing in the Town Ward.

Care has been made not to mention Labour in any of the promotions so I suspect any electoral "Purdah" rules have not been broken.

But the inclusion of the  Rhondda Cynon Taf logo is a bit telling and maybe it would have been wiser if Mr Smith and Mick Antoniw had waited t a few weeks to avoid any charges of seeking electoral cadvantagerather  than be congratulated on what may be a useful initiative. 

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TheStone said...

Thats Labour wasting public funds on their cronies in the third sector. Thats why Wales is a third world state. No ambition no idea. We need to get rid of Labour as they have in Scotland.