Monday, 10 April 2017

Schrödinge's Assembly Group

Most will be  Schrödinger's Cat which we place a living cat into a steel chamber, along with a device containing a vial of hydrocyanic acid. There is, in the chamber, a very small amount of hydrocyanic acid, a radioactive substance. If even a single atom of the substance decays during the test period, a relay mechanism will trip a hammer, which will, in turn, break the vial and kill the cat. 
The observer cannot know whether or not an atom of the substance has decayed, and consequently, cannot know whether the vial has been broken, the hydrocyanic acid released, and the cat killed. Since we cannot know, according to quantum law, the cat is both dead and alive, in what is called a superposition of states. It is only when we break open the box and learn the condition of the cat that the superposition is lost, and the cat becomes one or the other (dead or alive).
There seems to be something of this within the Welsh Conservative group in the Welsh Assembly. 
Acording to the BBC
"The defection of a UKIP AM to the Welsh Conservatives has left a Tory AM feeling "unsure of his status".
A row has broken out after Mark Reckless joined the Conservatives, despite rules stating only party members can be in the assembly group.
It caused Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay to ask:
 "Am I a member of a Welsh Conservative group or am I a member of some kind of hybrid independent group?"
Welsh leader Andrew RT Davies. said the constitution had not been suspended.
Mr Reckless defected from the Conservatives as Rochester and Strood MP in 2014. He became the UKIP AM for South Wales East in May 2016 but quit UKIP on Thursday to rejoin the Tories.
Speaking on BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement programme, Mr Ramsay said:
"It has raised as many questions as it has answered and from my point of view, I think we need clarification on this because I think confusion will otherwise arise.
"We now have a member in the Conservative group who is not a member of the party - now that is a strange situation."
 Contradicting what his party leader earlier insisted, Mr Ramsay said the party's constitution 

"had to have been suspended in some shape or manner".
He also said a Wales Officer minister would not be willing to meet with the Welsh Conservative group with Mr Reckless in it.
Earlier this week, Mr Davies said 
there was "unanimous agreement" among his group "that Mark was a fit and proper person to vote with and work with the Conservative group in the assembly".
He added: 
"I accept some MPs, because of historical arrangements and historical actions by Mark, feel aggrieved by Mark's actions, but he has not applied to join the party."
However, two senior grassroots Tories in South Wales East also told BBC Wales they were happy with the decision to bring Mr Reckless into the group.
Mr Ramsay also raised concerns about the impact this would have on the party at the polls: 
"Are we a Welsh Conservative group that can go into a future assembly election and campaign on one united platform? Clearly that is not the case."

Simultaneously being a member of the Tory group and not a member of   the Conservative Party. Mr Reckless seems to be in a neverworld.

I wonder wherethis leaves , Mark Reckless and a lucritive employment issue. that he had with former Ukip MP Douglas Carswell who now sits as an Independent

As the Welsh Assembly's website points out, Reckless declares amongst his interests that he is a 'Part-time Director (not a company director) and Company Secretary, UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit Limited (SO 4.3 - Band 2 - Between 5 hours and 20 hours per week). Company in receipt of House of Commons 'short money'.

Is there an agreement with RT Davies that he can continue to be employed by his former colleague . maybe that is why he not to worried about being fully embraced with his new Tory mates.


Anonymous said...

Surely the Short money does not stay with Mr Carswell. The money is based substantially on the number of voters that decided to vote for UKIP. As he is no longer a member of that party and that party has no MPs no payment is made.

East Neuker said...

Why are there any UKIP AM's in Wales? Are you all f*****g nuts? That going along with the the areas getting the most benefit from the EU, and being 98% white British, voting to leave the EU.....
just because......... what?

I admit I don't understand Wales. I would really like somebody to explain to me.

Scotland has, to my disappointment, many wealthy unionists, and a brew of sectarian unionists, but UKIP FFS? We have one UKIP MEP... Odd electoral system. We have one Tory MP out of 59. I reckon the Tory vote in Scotland is not far north of 20%.

What has happened to Wales, the heartland of the socialist left in these islands? What would Nye think of f*****g Neil Hamilton?

Can somebody please explain to me what is going on in Wales???

glynbeddau said...

The main problen is that we have very little "Welsh" Media and what we have is largely owned by Trinity Mirror. Coverage of Welsh issues is sparse. I know the media in Scorland is largely Pro-Union and anti SNP but as Osacar said "the only thing wprse than being talked about is mot being talked about". Yes in some ways Scotland is lucky to heve the Scottish edition of the Daily Mail.