Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tories and Labour fight for the Union crown.

I recently posted this Twitter spat between the Labour MP for Rhondda and his Plaid AM counter part

  20 hours ago20 hours agoMoreChris Bryant MP Retweeted LeanneWood
I hope you'll explain why your referendum on Welsh independence would be good for the Rhondda?
Chris Bryant MP added,LeanneWoodVerified account @LeanneWood
Mas yn Nhonypandy y bore 'ma / some of team will be out in with Wendy Allsop this morning. 🌼

To which came the response 
  9 hours ago9 hours ago9 hours agoMoreReplying to 
People know this election is about local matters & the council not constitutional questions. You worried?

I wrote at the time  that "In an ideal world Leanne would be right, but constitutional questions may be a big thing in Scotland and the Lib Dems will be hoping for a Brexit backlash and Remainers. turning to them".

Its certainly true in Scotland

The Unionist Parties there seem intent on turning it into " A Referendum about  referendum".

Wing over Scotland has provided us with examples of the literature  for May 4th and  its all rather peculiar

Take This one from the Tories.

Not to be outdone Labour seem to be using  similar tactits

There are numerous examples on Wing's site as the Tories and Labour fight for the Unionist crown. One  the Tories are winning.

The stupidity of Labour in Scotland after the Toxic identification of them with the  Tories in the Better together campaign  in the last referendum.

Accusation that Labour and the Tories have done a deal in some wards so that they don't cancel each other out and maximum their seats under the STV electoral system.

The Media of course are behind Tory Scottish Branch manager Ruth Davidson  using UK polls to claim she is more popular than Nicola Sturgeon,

Whilst the reverse is true when t Scottish voters and not people in Kent who asked


Labour could of course make a play for a third option in Indy2 that called for for a powerful Scottish Parliament , but they seem hell bent on preserving the Union as it is .

Any fool can see that the Tories will win the battle for the Union Crown  but it may be that in doing so they lose Scotland .

In the meantime if the SNP make gains in May the unionists will be denying that this had nothing to do with a call for a second referendum. despite them trying to make it so.

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