Monday, 24 April 2017

So what is Leanne's plan? (Updated)

I wonder what Plaid Strategist are thinking over Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood apparently saying  she is actively considering standing as a General Election candidate in the Rhondda, after apparently ruling it out earlier.

As the Wasting Mule reports

In a round of interviews she told BBC Wales she had discarded the idea and said on the Andrew Marr show she did not want to give up leadership of her party - which she would have to do if she stood as an MP.
Later, she told BBC One’s Sunday Politics she was “actively considering” standing because Wales needs a strong voice in Westminster.
“We need a strong team in Westminster. That’s why I am actively considering it But also, we need a strong team in Cardiff Bay,” she told the programme during a debate of the four party leaders in Wales.
She said the Labour MP for Rhondda, Chris Bryant, is in "a very vulnerable situation", saying he had "consistently attacked his leader" and criticising his expenses record.
“I think we are in for a very interesting election in Wales, not least in the South Wales Valleys where people are desperate for change.”
 In a previous Blog  is stated some Pros and Cons on whether  Leanne should stand and came out on the Con side.

I still stick to this but am reminded of the quotations of two former Prime Ministers

When the artful prime minister of Britain, Harold Macmillan, was asked what he considered the greatest threat a statesman might face, he replied, 
"Events, dear boy, events".

The apparent possibility that the Tories will have a Landslide could change the game in Wales . Suddenly Labour are in retreat from the Tories , whether that means they could be possibly in retreat from Plaid in the South Wales Valleys is a mute point, In all likelihood Plaid will find it similar to the 1850's despite being the heaviest campaigner in a number of family seats.they will lose out to the sort of Tory candidate who hardly visits the constituency but turns up to the count and finding that they have come second,

However to quote my second Prome Minister Harold Wilson
"A week is a long time in politics".
Or rather in this case under a fortnight.

If Plaid make gains in particularly in the Rhondda in May 4ths council elections then Leanne would (no pun intended) have a very platform to start a run.

However she may have to make her mind up before then. 

Update 10.OO AM; Latest Tweet from Leanne seems to putthis to rest

  13 hours ago13 hours agoMoreAfter much consideration, I'm not standing as MP for the Rhondda. Confident that will have very strong candidate

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