Thursday, 27 April 2017

"Don't vote Plaid get ignored and be left defenceless"

Politics is as they say "A Funny Old Game" and  it could be that there could be a few shocks results on June 8th .

It is sadly clear that the Tories are likely to win and if the polls are correct win in Wales .

If that is the case maybe it is vital that Plaid make advances throughout Wales and its quick response , with only Plaid can defend wales may reach some parts where it has struggled in the past to get a significant share of the vote.

After all preserving a labour MP  who wil spend at least three months  deposing their leader  and finding themselves alienated from much of the electorate will hardly see any defence.

And if the last parliament was anything to go buy  virtually all the real opposition is going to be from the SNP group and it vital that we have MPs from Wales who can provide the same sought of opposition as our friends in the SNP.

However this will probably lead to the Labour  Mantra of 

"Vote Plaid Get Tories"
Plaid response should be 

"Don't vote Plaid get ignored and be left defenceless" 

One of the strange ironies of this election may be that Plaid in their Target seats  Ynys Mon, Ceredigion and Llanelli have not had time to select a candidate to nurse  the constituencies.

If you know that a General Election will almost be on a certain date then you have time to select a candidate who can spend months trudging the seats with his or her backers trying to get their name known.

I sometimes wonder how effective this is . Yes in marginal seats it may win you the necessary vote but is there any real evidence?

In Ceredigion Plaid have selected  Oxford Graduate Ben Lake

Currently a researcher for Plaid Cymru in the National Assembly for Wales, concentrating on education, finance, and transport policy. Ben may well have been groomed to replace current AM Elin Jones when she decides to call it a day.

If Plaid can hold its vote and there  a swing of Lib Dem  voters to the Tories , He may well be studying the Aberystwyth - London Time Table.

In somewhat of a polar move Plaid have selected former MP, AM  and Party leader Ieuan Wyn Jones  in its top target seat of Ynys Mon.
 The opinion polls suggest that   as a three way fight between Plaid, Labour, who hold the seat, and the Conservatives.
Again if the Plaid vote holds then Mr Jones may well make history  in the longest gap  between  leave the house and returning (17 years).
Who knows? What most expect to be the most practicable election in years may throw up a few surprises.
For the sake of all of Wales I hope so.

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greensforplaid said...

appreciated. Wish I knew more about Ben Lake. I will vote Plaid.