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Boris Johnson lovable eccentric or Tory bastard?

I'll get to Johnson later
Apparently In a speech in London yesterday First Minister  Carwyn Jones called on Theresa May to go head-to-head with him on the issues of the campaign.
Mrs May has already ruled out TV debates - and Carwyn's own leader Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  has announced will not take part without her.
Of course Carwyn with  one eye on the polls , maybe thinks that the Corbyn brand , maybe not be to his advantage.
But Carwyn is not Nicola Sturgeon the leader of Party that does not take He orders from Westminster , hes only a Branch Manager and one of a Branch that hardly registers with Head Office .
So much so that his boss does not seem to know what are devolved issues as he criticises  large Class Room sizes when in Wales which is under Carwyn Mangnement
So Is Carwyn indicating that he's intends to run an independent Campaign , Does he see himself in the same position as Nicola Sturgeon?
The Conservatives said putting Labour in government would jeopardise the economy.
Calling on all parties to raise the tone of the general election debate, the Welsh Labour leader said
 Condemning a political culture in which “insults have replaced intellect,” Mr Jones said: “[This] is my appeal as we approach the real start of the General Election campaign – let the political class give the people an election they deserve. Let’s make this election a different sort of election.
“An election based on the issues, not personalities.”
Former UK Labour leader Ed Miliband became a target of derision after he was photographed eating a bacon sandwich.
His intervention comes days after the Conservative leader visited Wales and pointed to Labour-Plaid Cymru cooperation as an example of how the UK could end up with a “weak and failing Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a coalition of chaos”.
Mr Jones launched a strong defence of working with other parties, saying: 
You will know that in Wales, we have long seen cross-party cooperation as a sign of strength and maturity. Sadly, that is being presented by some as a chaotic approach.
“This is just intellectually bankrupt. So, here’s my own challenge to the political class.
“Grow up a bit. Remember what got you into politics in the first place.
“And debate the real issues that matter. That’s the approach I will be taking in the coming weeks.”I hope the Prime Minister – after her visit to Wales this week – will sign up to a similar approach, and I invite her to debate with me on these terms, when she is back in Wales during the campaign.”
  “The Brexit referendum campaign, whichever side you were on, was not a happy episode for our country. A campaign that centred too much on fear versus half-truths is no way for the United Kingdom to advertise our democracy to the world.“I make this pledge – and I challenge others to do the same – I want to use the next few weeks to raise the level of debate in this country. The Brexit campaign, and its aftermath has left too many people angry and feeling dispossessed.
If only this would happen but  I doubt if Plaid start climbing in the Polls "Welsh" Labour will not let lose its attack dogs like Llanelli AM Lee Waters.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson is under fire for describing UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a security threat and not just a “mutton-headed old mugwump”.

It is something inductive of the political culture throughout the UK , that Public school boys like Johnson  can get a way with such insults treated as aristocrats and not the nasty viscous bastards they are .

Calling him Boris only adds to it 
A similar lovable  eccentric was former Tory AM Alan Clark
. He referred to Enoch Powell as "The Prophet". Clark once declared: "It is natural to be proud of your race and your country", and in a departmental meeting, allegedly referred to Africa as "Bongo Bongo Land".[34] When called to account, however, by then Prime Minister John Major, Clark denied the comment had any racist overtones, claiming it had simply been a reference to the President of GabonOmar Bongo.
If an ordinary member of Parliament  made such a statement then he would have been treated with contempt.

Instead he was largely let off  Like Boris Johnson there seems to be different rules for people with posh accents who can quote the Latin Poet .

It as if there a cultural cringe and we still regard them as our betters .

To mind they are Tory Bastards and should be treated as such,.

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