Wednesday, 19 April 2017

May's reason for calling an election is a dishonest ploy,

We are supposed to have fixed years Parliaments   so why is Theresa Nay calling an early election which will takes place Two years after the last one and just 4 weeks after the local government elections,

Forget the guff about strengthening the governments Brexit  position. After all despite the Poll lead , this can change and , I will be surprised  that it will change EU negotiators attitude one iota

The truth is Mrs May knows that she would be facing loosing her Majority and poll lead if Conservative MPs accused of breaking election spending rules at the last election face the possibility of being prosecuted and (resigning their seats )by the Crown 

Channel 4 News reported on Tuesday evening that the CPS is considering prosecutions  against over 30 individuals with regards to 2015 election expenses.

A decision has to be made by the CPS by late May or early June, meaning that any charges will land during at least the long election campaign period, and possibly even the short campaign.

Police forces who have sent files to the CPS relating to the spending allegations include Avon & Somerset, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Lincolnshire, the Metropolitan, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire.

The Canary points out  that given the mainstream media’s reluctance to report the issue, we need to ensure it is kept firmly on the agenda and the allegations  around the ‘battle bus’ campaign, and associated expenses such as hotel rooms. 

Many argue that the campaign promoted prospective local MPs in key seats. Under election law, any expenditure which promotes a local candidate should be covered locally. But the ‘battle bus’ and associated costs were declared nationally. Each constituency has a fixed amount of money it can spend locally. And including the ‘battle bus’ expenditure would have meant many candidates overspent.

Two dozen Conservatives are understood to be under investigation over claims that they did not include battle bus spending in their local campaign returns. The Electoral Commission is also investigating the allegations in parallel to the police.

Since by the very fact the Tories sent their Battle Bus to these constituencies means these were marginal seats the Tories faced loosing everyone if the MP resigned and there were a series of  byelections.

Mrs May may be hoping that calling a General Election will result in any persecutions fall by the wayside  or that she will win a landslide and this will mitigate any future losses as those MPs who have been reelected resign after being prosecuted. 

Since its clear that the UK media are going to try and keep this "Spiked" its up to the ordinary user of Social Media to expose the real reason why May is  lacing a snap election.

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