Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Glyn Davies MP just another Tory Apparatchik ,

I used to be a bit of a fan of Tory MP Glyn Davies Blog A View From Rural Wales. as I think many who didn't share his politics did.

The Wikipedia entry states that
 'A View from Rural Wales' is generally regarded as one of Wales' most popular political blogs.[citation needed] The British blogger Iain Dale is quoted as describing Davies as "By common consensus the best politician blogger in Wales and he's a real character"
Indeed when he first came to my attention as as Member of the National Assembly for Wales for the Welsh Conservative Party in the Mid and West Wales region from 1999 to 2007. Chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in the First Assembly; and the Environment, Planning and Countryside Committee in the Second Assembly. He looked like that he may well present a new approach for that party . a more liberal, pro devolution and sympathetic form of devolution

Indeed I was somewhat disappointed when he lost his Assembly seat in 2007 and perhaps again like others give a wry smile when he successfully  challenged Lembit Öpik, the Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire, at the 2010 UK

He beat Öpik to become the Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire though how much this was due to Lembit somewhat controversial courting of publicity is open to question.

General election 2010: Montgomeryshire[13][14]
ConservativeGlyn Davies13,97641.3+13.8
Liberal DemocratLembit Öpik12,79237.8−12.5
Plaid CymruHeledd Fychan2,8028.3+1.3
LabourNick Colbourne2,4077.1−5.2
UKIPDavid W. L. Rowlands1,1283.3+0.4
National FrontMilton Ellis3841.1N/A
IndependentBruce Lawson3241.0N/A
Conservative gain from Liberal DemocratSwing+13.2

However dispite some hope that he may peruse a more independent carrer on the Conservative Benches  and 
A View From Rural Wales.  has become little more than a defence  of Government policy.

This seems to have led to him receiving some critical comments. and he has not reacted to it well

He recently wrote on his Blog

To begin. If you are just reading this, looking to criticise and make some **** comment, don't bother. Comments are so miserable, (and almost always anonymous) that I'm no longer going to publish them. If you have no wish to engage in constructive debate, go read someone else's blog. I don't write it for you. I write it for me, to help me think through issues of concern.

Well to some extent  my Blogging is partly about me getting things of my chest but like Glyn Davies I publish them and am prepared for people to criticise this.

From the  "best politician blogger in Wales " Glyn Davies has become just another Tory Apparatchik  and it is with sorrow rather than anger my visits to his blog are going to be less frequent.


glynbeddau said...

After al this i accidentally deleted a comment . I shouldn't try to do this via my Tablet with my Acromegalif ginguers.

Leigh Richards said...

How arrogant. Along with 'Jac' he's probably got one of the most read blogs in wales and he's complaining? He should be happy people read his blog and that they want to comment at all. At the end of the day we all blog because we want to let people know our views on matters - there would be little point to blogging if other people didnt read them.

If glyn (davies) isnt happy with some of the comments he is getting perhaps he should consider why this is? Might it be because increasing numbers of people in wales are unhappy with the policies of the british government he is now so slavishly supporting?

TW said...

He knows his seat of Montgomeryshire will be abolished in the boundary review so he is spending his last few years as an MP being as unaccountable as possible whilst claiming as many expenses as he possibly can. None of these expenses are being used to benefit the people of Montgomeryshire which he was elected to serve.
He has already publicly stated that he "has no time" to reply to letters and emails, despite hiring staff at our expense, he does not want them to deal with correspondence??? Yet he spends all day being a total gobshite on facebook and chatting to non constituents which are prepared to brown nose him.

Even more worrying is that if a concerned constituents of his dares to contact him via his facebook page for help or advice or if they are awaiting that non reply to a letter they sent him, they are faced by a barrage of abusive attacks from well known tory supporters. A form of public bullying.

I have no time for Glyn Davies anymore. The powers of Westminster have turned him into a self important little dictator who shows no political class and is completely unprofessional.
When the heat gets too much for him, he wheels out his sob stories of a bad back. Never thought I would say this, but come back Lembit, all is forgiven. The people of Montgomeryshire deserve a hard working MP again.