Saturday, 1 April 2017

Leanne Wood criticised for promoting "Posh" Tea.

By Martin Shitstirrer.

 Parties in the Welsh Assembly have reacted to Leanne Wood apparently appearing in a TV advert for posh tea suppliers Twinings

In it she can be seen giving he trademark saucy wink to camera as dances through a graphic background to a sound track bt
 former sex bomb Bridget Bardot

Olaf Priol Plaid  beverage spokesman said 

" This is Fake News. What Leanne chooses to drink is her own affair"

A Labour Spokesman said

"It is typical of Plaid that their leader makes such a big thing pf her Rhondda Roots and buying local that she advertises this Posh Persons Teas  and not the "Welsh Tea" that is Glengettie"

Asked what Tea Carwyn Jones drank the spokesperson said 

"I don'y know I think his wife gets it from Tesco"s in Bridgend., 

he later ussued a statement that

 Carwyn  did his own share of the weekly shop and did not want to give the impression it was his wife  who bore the brunt of it.

We asked the other Party leaders what Beveridge they drank

A Spokesman for Andrew RT Davies said 

"Now we are approaching Brexit we will be able to come to agreements with members of the Commonwealth  opening lucrative opportunists for our choice of tea. Andrew of course is partial to a nice Earl Grey",

Neil Hamilton's spokesman said that 

"the UKip leader had prefered Camp Coffee before the PC brigade made the  makers of the chicory-flavoured essence use an image of a Scottish soldier sitting side by side drinking coffee with a turbaned Sikh.

Earlier labels showed the Indian apparently serving the kilted soldier which provoked a storm of protest from race equality groups who claimed at the time that the label delivered "an offensive and racist" message."
"Now Neil was looking forward  to the Label revering back to its original soon".

A LibDem spokesperson was contacted but said that 

"although under the coalition they had joined in the preference for Earl Grey , they now favoured the Typhoo brand,"
"Though Kirsty Wiliams now she was a Welsh Government cabinet member in in not a coalition had joined Carwyn in a cup of Glengettie"

The Green Party said they didn't have a preference . 

but favoured Free Trade 

products even when they tasted like crap.


Leigh Richards said...

Im very surprised at leanne. Tea is the drink of choice of the british ruling classes - it wasnt for nothing that american revolutionaries dumped dozens of cases of tea in boston harbour. And it was this insane thirst for tea which drove the brutal expansionism of the british empire (think east india company). By appearing in an advert like this leanne is sending out all the wrong signals and she has been badly advised by plaid's PR department.

Anonymous said...

Guess who gets their tea from