Sunday, 9 April 2017

The threat of a Klingon Invasion to the English Language.

I have written before that I don't always agree with Jac o' the North and I whilst we both seek an Independent  Wales  we have very different approaches to it and maybe a different vision to the Wales we want.

I suspect Jac scorns my support for Left, Green and Feminist issues but there are times when I am really glad he's around to expose some of the rotten politics that exist in Wales

His latest  piece on a group, seeking to raise money to ‘Save English Language Education in Wales’.is well  worth a read

The funding page, which has a target of £7,500, states “this is the most important legal case in respect of Education in Wales in 200 years”.
The page adds:
 “This case sets a precedent for all other schools to be changed in a similar manner despite apparent flaws, breaches and overwhelming opposition.
“Learning through the Medium of Welsh must be through choice and encouragement not by compulsion.”
I wonder if the authors would agree that  

“Learning through the Medium of English must be through choice and encouragement not by compulsion.”

Because those who support Welsh Medium Education do not see children growing up in Wales being monoglot speakers of Cymraeg, indeed many envisage us copying , the Scandinavian countries and being multilingual.

The only way that children in Wales will not become fluent in English after an Education here  would be if there was an Alien invasion and Earth was forced to speak something like Klingon.
Much more of a threat to English than having Welsh Medium Schools.

There appears to be an organised campaign against Welsh Medium Education, which Jac points a finger at and which seems to be routed in a Labour Party panicking  that somehow it will lead to Plaid usurping their hegemony here.

It has a rather colonial mentality and I wonder when there will be an argument against Gwynedd's Welsh language policy and that it is holding the area back by making it difficult , for English speakers moving to the area who can show the Natives how to run things.

As I said I don't always agree with Jac and am sometime uncomfortable with some of his rhetoric but i suspect if he wasn't there it would be necessary to invent him,

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Leigh Richards said...

It seems there have been some interesting and revealing late night developments with regard to this bogus campaign, and efforts by those dubious elements involved to rake in cash to fund a spurious legal action.