Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wiliam and Harry when are they with their regiments?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless you're Harry Windsor and TMZ publishes pictures of you cavorting naked during a game of strip billiards

It said the romp featuring the "royal", who is third in line to the throne, took place four days earlier at a "high rollers hotel suite" on the Las Vegas strip.

One photo shows Harry, stark naked but for a wristwatch and a necklace. His hands cup his genitals. His face is turned toward the television set in the suite. And his body partially shields that of another person, also naked.

A second picture shows him hugging a woman from behind next to a pool table. Both are naked.

Cor Blimey I'm shocked.

Lets be honest he's probably done no worse than any other young man on Holiday and the only real diffrence is that he seems to have a lot of holidays for a serving soldier.

Palace officials confirmed the photos are of the prince.

"Prince Harry has been on a private holiday before he resumes his military duties," said a palace official, declining to be named in line with protocol.

Unfortunately an MP in our democracy would probably be barred from asking

  • How much time does a year is he actually with his regiment a and not on Holiday or an a Royal Jaunt (sorry visit) at the tax payers expenses?
  • When he is with his regiment is he being given preferential treatment when it comes yo training courses ans promotion opportunities?

He has reportedly served 77 days in Afghanistan . Bit that very low compared with has ordinary squaddie.

On 10 March 2011, it was revealed that Prince Harry had passed his Apache flying test and he was awarded his Apache Flying Badge on 14 April 2011.T
he majority of those completing the final two-month Apache training are deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan.There is speculation that he shall return to Afghanistan once again before the withdrawal in 2015. 

To be fair to the boy he probably would like to serve but the fact is he will never be treated like an ordinary soldier not only in keeping him out of danger but in the time spent in ensuring he does not fail as officer.

The fact that  he completed his education at Eton with two A-Levels[12] (achieving a grade B in art and D in Geography)  is either a n indication of the education levels of the Officer Class in our army or that it it is still dominated by the public school class system

Mind you I'm less worried about Harry than his older brother who is supposed to be operating as an  the Search and Rescue Pilot  RAF Valley on Anglesey  on the Sea King search and rescue helicopter .

If I was lying on a stretcher on Snowdon  after falling . I wouldn't like to hear that they couldn't send a pilot because he with his wife his mother in a Ceremony in the Caribbean

Of course the problem with these young Royals who are close to succession is that the Military is the only place to put them as they aren't brought up to do ordinary jobs where you have to do things yourself.

The Sons and daughters of a President would be open to scrutiny but we wouldn't expect them to pretend to be in the services  whilst they wait to climb the line of succession.

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Welsh Agenda said...

I agree with you completely except on one point, the sons and daughters of a president or prome minister wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) be open to scrutiny. Just because a parent has taken up public office it does not stop them being private citizens - I would say the same for the spouse.

I was not a huge Tony Blair fan, but I argued with the people who claimed that his sons should be serving in the army as he started so many wars. I even saw one cartoon with Prince Charles supposedly on the moral high ground because his sons were in the army (with no mention of the fact that their military service primarily involved being flown by helicopter to parties at oublic expense).

The relatives of an elected official do not vote or make decisions and arguments about policies should respect their privacy.