Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Lib Dem in Gwydir House?

 The speculation over the fate of Hapless Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan  with the Liberal Democrats warning that she should not  not be dropped from the cabinet and replaced with another MP from outside Wales, according to the Western Mule .

Forner AM Jennny  Randerson noew in the Lords praised Mrs Gillan’s record and expressed scepticism at strong speculation she may be dropped for another MP representing an English constituency.

Conservative Work & Pensions minister Maria Miller – who was educated at the same Bridgend comprehensive as First Minister Carwyn Jones and now represents Basingstoke – is widely tipped to succeed Mrs Gillan in the coming weeks.

Ms Randerson said that although Cardiff-born Mrs Gillan represents Chesham and Amersham she has cemented strong links with Wales.

Lets face it sh would never  have said that if the Lib Dems wern't in coalition

If Mrs Gillan does leave the cabinet and the Wales Office remains a Tory-led department, Ms Randerson argued, there are “appropriate candidates” among Welsh Conservative MPs.

She said:
  “The Secretary of State needs to have pretty active Welsh links. I think there would be political problems with taking someone so distant from Wales.”

 South Wales West AM Peter Black whose been quiet lately said:

“I would like to see a Liberal Democrat in the Wales Office and I hope something can be sorted out.”
He continued: “I think the obvious person would be Jenny Willott.(Cardiff Central)

 Well there are only two Welsh Lib Dem MPs  so there not much choice

However Mr Black also suggested the role could be held by a peer such as Baroness Randerson.

Ms Randerson said she was “astonished” by the idea, adding: “I honestly couldn’t possibly comment.”

So in Peter Blacks mind an unelected member of the House of Lords is preferable to an MP from outside Wales if they are a Liberal Democrat .

I doubt if he would support a Tory Lord even one with Welsh connections.

and what would the reaction of the 8  Welsh  and 14 AM feel if the Lib Dems 2 MPs and 5AM's  were given the job

Would David Jones agree to serve under Jenny Willot?

Mind you the current Secretary of State for Scotland Michael More is a Liberal Democrat but then the Tories have only 1 Scottish seat to the Lib Dems 11 so it always likely the coalition should go for a Lib Dem in Scotland than a Tory from outside.

Mind you it would be interesting to see a Lib Dem on the post only to see the relationship between her and La Pasionaria (Kirsty Williams  the party leader in the Assembly.

Would they work together or would they both try and exert their authority over the Welsh Lib Dems

In theory they are a federalised Party and Ms Williams is undisputed leader but would the Cardiff Liberals who are much more anglasised than the Traditional Welsh Liberals prefer to back one of their own.

 The relationship between Cheryl Gilian and Andrew R T Davies has been fragile but it may be as naught if La Pasionaria thought her authority as Welsh leader was being challenged.

I suspect that La Pasionaria views Ms Willot or Baroness Randerson )as she is now) taking control in Gwydir House with any enthusiasm.s

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