Monday, 13 August 2012

Ian Davidson accuses BBC of bias.

Scottish Labour MP clearly is a fan or the   Former Lions Captain Willie John Mcbride  tactic of Get your retaliation in claiming that Newsnight Scotland is biased towards the Scottish National Party.

On Tuesday night, in which the Davidson referred to the programme as “News-nat Scotland”, He accused it of pro-SNP bias and refused presenter Isabel Fraser’s demands to apologize.

The row was over who had the power to call a referendum. With Davidson (probably correctly) that a  Scottish Government  called referendum was open to a legal challenge .

Isabel Fraiser first offence was to accept Davidson argument but to question whether a legal challenge would succeed.

Her second Offence was to question Davidson solution the UK of transferring the power but then controlling the wording and number of questions.

Fraiser clearly didn't realise that her job was to nod along with Davidson and feed him questions on the lines of of "Do you think that when people voted for the SNP they were also voting for Independence.?

Faced with Fraiser's sceptical questioning Davidson made his accusation.

You may think Davidson is appearing as a Bully but he clearly has an agenda in making  sure the BBC realised its job is to toe the line and be unbiased i.e don't question the Unionist arguments (especially Labour) to closely.

His idea of biased is anyone who disagrees with his view.

Far from condemning Davidson  large segments of the other media have used it to combine BBC Bashing with Nat Bashing .  A dream they cherish.

The Unionist clearly think that the best way to deal with Scottish Independence calls is to treat Scotland in the same way their predecessors treated the colonies with arrogance.and the We know whats best for you attitude.

Davidson may have succeed in making sure that the BBC is on board with the rest of the media in making the Unionist case and that the Corporation realises that when Davidson and his ilk talk about bias they me not agrreing with them.

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