Thursday, 2 August 2012

Welsh Government get a C-.

The news from that the BBC that the Attorney General Dominic Grieve told the Welsh government he has taken the step amid concerns the bill changes the powers of UK ministers in a way the assembly does not have the power to do.
The bill was designed to simplify the process by which councils make by-laws, removing a requirement that they are confirmed by Welsh ministers.

UK government sources say they suggested changes to the bill while it was being drafted by the Welsh government which would have avoided the referral to the Supreme Court – but these were not acted on.

As the Assembly is in recess AMs are not able to quiz Ministers on this correspondence, how they reacted to it and why they did not tell the Committee that scrutinised the Bill anything about it, By the time AMs return they may not even have that first piece of legislation on the statute book

A spokesman for First Minister Carwyn Jones said it was a "ridiculous situation that has arisen on what is a totally uncontroversial piece of legislation".

"The primary policy objective of the Bill is to simplify and rationalise how local authorities make byelaws to deal with nuisances in their areas," he said.

"So why the UK government has decided to take this to the Supreme Court, at the last minute, is inexplicable.

This was to be thee first Bill to become law since the referendum in March last year..

  • Has the Welsh Government made a mess of their first attempt at Legislation?
  • Is the current set up still flawed./ Would the Sottish Government ave the same problem.?
  • Is the Westminster Government simply trying to show Cardiff they are still the Boss?
Clearly at first it looks like the Westminster Government alerted Carwyn Jones to this.

 Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan said the UK government made every attempt to resolve the issue with the Welsh government during the passage of the Bill.

But I'm reminded of a story told  to me about a History Professor in the University of Warrick who used to give all the first years students  a C- for their first essay.

When in the subsequent seminar they complained that they never got less than an A at school were told "Your with the big boys now".

Clearly he was a prat.

And this his could simply be a move to show our government that they are now a grown up government and need to think more clearly.

On another subject it seems that our friends at Freedom Central have been hijacked by a US supporter of the gun lobby . Despite my calling them Subordinate Central over the years. I hope they resolve this
 I may find them annoying but even they do not deserve to be associated with this rubbish.


Unknown said...

I believe you may have mistakenly linked the wrong blog here in your post. I am the owner/author of the Freedom Central blog you have linked here, but I created this blog a mere 2 weeks ago. I was unaware of a separate blog of the same name. Would you mind correcting this?

That being said: I am, in fact, a very avid shooter and gun rights activist, and as such my posts reflect the sentiment of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution which, as you may or may not know, guarantee the right bear arms.

I would comment further on your post, but I am afraid I know very little of Welch politics.

glynbeddau said...

This linl apeared on my Blogger Dashboard under the same name asthe original . So any error has been the fault of Blogspot.

I may have been wrong to use t the term hijacked as you clearly created this in good faith.
Clearly its not a good idea to have two blogs with the same name and I'm supervised the hosts allowed it the same manner they should have rejected in the the same way the reject identical emails.

I suggest you contact the host to sort this out.

On gun control I thin we may be polls apart.