Monday, 6 August 2012

Assembly goes on annual shut-down.

The Welsh Assembly have already gone on its equivalent of the Miners fortnight. That Period (Last week in July: First week in August) when the South Wales Coalfield and other Industries shut down for Two Weeks and nearly everyone decamped to places like Porthcawl  Where men who drank together in the local club met in a seaside pub and carried on as usual.

The Assembly break is a bit longer  wit,h AMs disappearing to their constituencies on July 18 and not due back into the chamber until September 25.

Of course many of them will be carrying on the nitty grity constituency work and will not be spending the next two months sunning on the beach and will be turning up at local events from The National Eisteddfod to a local village fete showing their face to those who elected them.

The Party leaders will probably be taking stock.

Labour Leader Carwyn Jones will be looking how to deal with NHS reform and whether  he should sacrifice Lesley Griffiths replacing his health  minister  once she has taken all the flak from him over the moves that will almost certainly be unpopular with the general public. He will not however be spending his time looking for a coalition partner . With his lacklustre legislative agenda he cannot expect to lose many votes and NHS apart will see no reason to carry on as be fore.

Tory Leader Andrew RT Davies who has hardly shorn in his opposition role will probably think that a challenge to his position from his fellow AMs has diminished with his main rival ,Nick Ramsey on the Assembly naughty steps after  failing to make a meeting of the Business Committee he was due to chair earlier last month after a night out partying.

Leanne Wood not withstanding what to do about Dafydd El will probably spend much of the summer working with her advisory team to prepare a new imitative for the Party Conference.

Kirsty Williams (La Pasionaria ) of the Lib Dems will probably be gathering her research team and working on how to carry on her shroud waving on the NHS in Wales it being the only (apart from education) where they can differ from their Westminster colleagues and have the luxury of being in opposition.Which may be why she hasn't proposed (openly at least) a coalition to Carwyn.

Of course all the other AM's maybe will be worrying about losing their portfolio or hoping to gain one and plotting against their leader..

But one suspect most will be simply trying yo increase their profile in their constituency and hopping that there's not a Major crisis like foot and mouth calling them back to Cardiff BaY.

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