Friday, 10 August 2012

The MP for Hafren.

When Peter Hain  stepped as Shadow Welsh Secretary to  campaign for a controversial plan to build a massive tidal-energy project in the UK’s Severn Estuary.

The Tanned One threw his weight behind the Severn Barrage, a project being touted by the Corlan Hafren consortium which according to Private Eye he now acts a s a consultant.

So is he getting paid for this; and if so  how much and is he in parliament to represent his constituents .in Neath or Hafren .. There seems no reference of this in his register of interest.. So maybe he's doing this Pro Bono.

According to Private Eye The tanned one has sent a message to some MPs asking them to join an All Party Severn Barrage Group?

The Eye questions whether the tanned one is breaking the convention of Chinese Walls and he is not separating his business interest from his parliamentary duties. 

There is nothing wrong with  a elected representative advising and supporting a scheme such as the Severn Barrage or doing the same for opponents.

But they should not have a financial interest in this and if Peter Hain if receiving a payment from Hafren he should ask himself if he is an Lobbyist for them or the MP for Neath and whether he should with one of these roles. 

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