Friday, 3 August 2012

Plaid win Buttrils By-election

Plaid have a very god reason to celebrate having gained the Buttrills Ward in the Vale of Glamorgan by-election  yesterday (2nd August)

 Plaid were well placed to win this as their Candidate Ian Johnson, who fought the Vale of Glamorgan constituency at the 2010 General Election and the 2011 Assembly election; and fought this ward at the previous election in May.

Still with Labour at its strongest position in Wales its a very good result result and its possible that at the moment only Plaid can challenge Labour in Wales.

Buttrills ward result

PC 541 (44%)
Lab 503 (41%)
Con 90 (7%)
Ind 82 (7%) 

Plaid Cymru GAIN from Labour

May 2012 result
Lab 742/690
PC 420/388
C 197/172
Ind 138

I imagine Ian wll be going to have a god time on the Maes at the Vale of Glamorgan  Eisteddfod over the next 7 days.


maen_tramgwydd said...

Well done, Ian!

Anonymous said...

Great win on the eve of the Eisteddfod being in the Vale and during Gwynfor's 100th birthday year, not to mention Plaid Cymru's birthday today!

It is true that Plaid is the only party that can conceivably defeat Labour in Wales. But there is a long way to go. Another twenty council results like this and we'd know something seismic was happening, but for now this looks like Plaid hard work locally paying off. Still, it shows what is possible when you stand a decent candidate and put the hard work in.