Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eisteddfod . Does "Modernise" mean become Bilingual?

The BBC reports that Welsh Assembly Minister Leighton Andrews as saying more public money could be available for the National Eisteddfod if it takes steps to modernise.

He suggested he would like to see more done to attract non-Welsh speakers to the event, and for the development of a better experience for visitors.

Speaking at the Eisteddfod, Mr Andrews suggested that this could increase in the future, but with conditions.

For example, he wants to see the event broaden its appeal further beyond Welsh speakers.

The Welsh Government said it claims is committed to maintaining its financial support to the Eisteddfod, even though the way in which it is funded will change when the Welsh Language Board is abolished next spring.

In future, funds will come directly from the Welsh Government and Mr Andrews, the minister for the Welsh language, has indicated he is willing to discuss future funding options with the Eisteddfod.

But he has insisted the Eisteddfod must consider its priorities at a time when many bodies are facing cut-backs.

Mr Andrews said:
I’ve visited the Eisteddfod many times but this is the first time I have attended as minister responsible for the Welsh language.
“It is important to us as a government to promote and expand the use of the Welsh language in Wales, but these are difficult times for the Welsh Government.
“I expect to keep working with the Eisteddfod and supporting it financially, but I need to see results, they need to show us what practices work best, what are the best ways to develop, promote and strengthen the language.
“They must show what works best, the most important thing for me is to see results not just a list of events.”

When I see the term" the Eisteddfod must Modernise " I can't help reading . "should be bilingual"

  The Minister word may now seem reasonable  but coming from Leighton Andrews this is a worrying statement   . His action over University Mergers shows that he starts with a a small even reasonable suggestion and then proceed to force his own agenda. and it is not difficult to read in his statement.that

By Non Welsh speakers I mean Monoglot English speakers and The Eisteddfod need to use the English language more and if you don't then you'll not get full funding until you do.

As a non Welsh speaker I have attend numerous Eisteddfodau and have coped very well. Indeed the predominance of the Welsh Language is why I went..

I have loads of opportunities to see culture expressed through the English Language  much of it partl;y paid by the Taxpayer and see no reason to see the Eisteddfod increase the use of English .

Too much use of English at the Eisteddfod will be throwing out  the baby with the bath water.

Leighton Andrew's must make it clear that he is not threatening the very essence of the Eisteddfod and that he has no agenda to force it to be bilingual.,

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