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Tories say we are are Lazy.

Any doubts that certain sections of the Tory Party hold the working people in the UK in contempt can be dispersed by a new Pamphlet  produced by some of the Young Turks to be shortly before the Conservatives’ autumn conference according  in the Evening Standard.according to the Evening Standard .

The 5 MPs are

Kwasi Kwarteng  ,
Kwarteng was born in London. His parents migrated to the UK from Ghana as students in the 1960s.[5]
Kwarteng was born in London. His parents migrated to the UK from Ghana as students in the 1960s.[He attended Eton College as a King's Scholar, and then read classics and history at Trinity College, Cambridge He was a member of the winning University Challenge team in 1995, in the first series after the programme was revived by the BBC in 1994.[5][7] He attended Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar and completed a PhD in History at Cambridge University.Prior to becoming an MP, Kwarteng worked as an analyst in financial services.

 Priti Patel,

Patel was born in London,] England to Ugandan Indian immigrant parents and grew up in South Harrow and Ruislip Her parents ran a post office in rural Norfolk and then a successful small shop in south east England. She joined the Conservative Party during the time John Major was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Patel attended a comprehensive school in Watford, before studying economics at Keele University and then going on to the University of Essex.
After graduating, Patel was given a job by Andrew Lansley (now a frontbencher, then a Head of the Conservative Research Department) at Conservative Central Office. From 1995 to 1997, she worked for Sir James Goldsmith's Referendum Party, heading the press office.

 Dominic Raab,

Raab grew up in Buckinghamshire, to a Czech father, who came to Britain in 1938 as a Jewish refugee. Raab went to Dr Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham. He went on to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, where he read law. After graduating, Raab gained a Masters from Cambridge University. Raab started his career as a business lawyer at Linklaters in London. Raab spent the summer of 1998 at Birzeit University (near Ramallah) where he worked for one of the principal Palestinian negotiators of the Oslo peace accords, assessing World Bank projects on the West Bank.
In 2000, Raab joined the Foreign Office, covering a range of briefs including leading a team at the British Embassy in The Hague, dedicated to bringing war criminals to justice. Upon returning to London, he advised on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the European Union, and Gibraltar. From 2006 to 2010, Raab worked in Parliament as Chief of Staff to Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, and to fellow lawyer and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice Dominic Grieve

Chris Skidmore

Skidmore was born on 17 May 1981 in Longwell Green. He was educated at Bristol Grammar School, a mixed independent school in the City of Bristol, Avon in south west England, before going up to Christ Church in the University of Oxford, graduating in 2002 with a double first-class honours degree (MA).
Chris Skidmore worked for David Willetts and Michael Gove as an advisor, before being selected to fight his home seat of Kingswood seat in 2009.
He was elected in 2010, gaining the seat from the Labour Party. He is a member of the Commons Select Committee on Health, specialising in health care reform and social care.
Skidmore is also a member of the Free Enterprise Group of MPs,


Elizabeth Truss.

Truss  grew up in a left-wing family in Paisley and Leeds, before attending Oxford attended a state primary school in Paisley, in Scotland followed by Roundhay School, a comprehensive school in north-east Leeds. She lived in Canada for a year, and compares the competitive attitude in schooling there to the 'trendy' education she received in Leeds.] Amongst her A-levels, Truss studied both Ordinary Maths and Advanced Maths.]She read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Merton College, Oxford.
After graduation in 1996, she worked for Shell as a commercial manager and Cable & Wireless as economics director, and became a qualified management accountant[] Truss became the deputy director of Reform in January 2008,[where she advocated more rigorous academic standards in schools, a greater focus on tackling serious and organised crime, and urgent action to deal with Britain's falling competitiveness. She co-authored The Value of Mathematics]and A New Level amongst other reports.

Interestingly three are the offspring of immigrants and it might be their parents struggle that influenced their view of British worker .

But only one Truss seems to have done any real work on the shopfloor so to speak and one can't help feel their polemic comes from misplaced  ideology rather than evidence.

In the report   branded Britons among 

“the worst idlers” in the world and said the country should emulate the hard work ethic of Asia.
“Too many people in Britain, we argue, prefer a lie-in to hard work,” . 

Their vision, laid in , Britannia Unchained — Global Growth and Prosperity, reflects much of the right of the Tory party (and some Labour MPs ) towards working people.

The MPs said

 "that the UK had to raise its work ethic towards that of South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, rather than the office and factory culture in struggling European nations, or risk slipping into grim decline with falling living standards".
“Britain will never be as big as China or Brazil, but we can look forward to a new generation, ready to get to work,” the MPs said. “If we are to take advantage of these opportunities, we must get on the side of the responsible, the hard working and the brave. We must stop bailing out the reckless, avoiding all risk, and rewarding laziness.

The MPs have not come from  entirely privileged backgrounds but they have no direct experience  of working in a dead end job where they see no future for themselves as many workers do.

But they go into work each day and do their best they can and then they see their wages frozen and the n see bosses receive 8.5% pay rises together with bonuses even though they have lost money.

British Workers actually work longer hours than most of their European counterparts  as jaxxlander points out Recent figures show that Britons work among the longest hours in Europe, with staff putting in an average of 1,647 hours a year compared to 1,408 in Germany.

It seems that Background has no affect on Tory Ideology and they are all remote from reality.

When a UK minister or Carwyn Jones ot Alex Salmond lead a trade mission abroad in the efforts to persuade some international company to set up here  they must be hoping that  their  guests have not read the report.

These MPs may have done untold damage to future investment here by their Lazy an inaccurate  pamphlet . They stand condemned.

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